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How Long Does it Take to Publish?

A lot of people ask me how long it takes to publish a book. I wish I had the definitive answer. Let’s get perspective on the reality and why you might or might not need a traditional publisher. It took one author a solid 15 years to publish her book because of the book’s complexity […]

Navigating the Challenges of Writing Your Book

  Here is what I cannot stop asking myself: How do people get through the inevitable challenge of writing and create their best work? What drives them? Really, that question has driven me for years to experiment with, research, and create. It’s driven me to track wonder. It’s one thing to fall in love with […]

Guidelines for Crafting Your Story

So who’s your Story about? I generally feel a wee bit disoriented right after shaping a book proposal. What’s it worth? I wondered. What if my agent rejects it? What if this is all a fool’s errand? What have I done with my life? Okay, I don’t go quite that far. Last time this happened, […]

How Many Drafts Does it Take to Write a Book?

Writing drafts is a process of discovery You know, Michael Bungay Stanier didn’t write his elegant book The Coaching Habit in one draft. Or two. Or three. He wrote multiple drafts. In fact, he presented the book with multiple angles and in multiple structures to Workman Publishing, who had published his previous book Do More […]

From Writer to Published: Craft & Creative Mastery

You want to publish your book. Whether you’re writing your first or fifth book, you fantasize about finishing that book, getting it into the hands and hearts of people who need it, and what might happen to your life and sense of fulfillment as a writer once that book is “out there.” But you feel a tension. This […]

Brand & Innovation Digest – February 2017

During the past month, Tracking Wonder’s research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros has curated some of what we deem the most relevant studies, stories, and news that will help you and your team excel at having the most impact and influence via brand building, storytelling, and innovation. – Jeffrey, Chief Tracker at Tracking Wonder Four Reasons Every Startup’s […]

12 Riffs to Help Boost Creativity & Shape Time

Creative professionals and practitioners are either Time Crunchers (pressed for our own time) or Time Stretchers (self-employed creatives who own their time). Both categories benefit from mastering the art of shaping time. Creativity is not about waiting for the muse to show up. Productive creativity is about shaping time to show up for the muse.