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Change-Makers & Thought Leaders
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Are you ready to advance your book and captivate its right audiences? Curious about what it takes to become a versatile, confident, and authentic writer within a specific field? If you already have landed a contract – congrats! – do you need an additional editorial consultant to help you stay centered? Would you value ongoing editorial mentoring delivered in a format that fits your background, needs, and timing?

It’s tough to persist, execute and launch your great ideas. And have fun and learn your craft along the way? That seems implausible. But it’s possible. As an author, consultant, coach, teacher, and editor, I have helped literally thousands of people further their dreams.

Handsome advances with prestigious publishers. New York Times best-seller list. Revenue-making ventures. Those are some of my clients’ outcomes. Wonder comes, though, with what happens along the way. Your confidence bred from know-how, creative mindfulness, and fine-tuning. Recognition that your best ideas matter. Discovery that an audience waits for you to captivate them.

Your Captivating Book Mentorship Program

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How We Work Together 1:1

I take a total view of you as an author or thought leader with a book idea. You fill out and send me an AUTHENTIC AUTHOR Inventory that helps me understand your project, goals, deep intentions, and field background. We make a plan accordingly. Here are some matters we might address:

Captivating Yourself in Your Own Create-and-Work Flow

  • heighten focus, stoke your fire, sculpt time, and generate ideas
  • harness your own creative process
  • balance personal obligations and creative responsibilities
  • weave science-based tools & yogic tools
  • foster curiosity, surprise, delight, & openness
  • learn your craft in a way that will inspire and motivate you

Captivating Collaborators

  • assess best publishing routes
  • develop a method for “shipping” your writing – whether book
    or short pieces
  • research agents’ selling record and editors’ book-buying record
  • research your book’s market
  • seek and query agents, publishers, and publications

Captivating Audiences

  • finesse the emotional designs of a fulfilling story arc
  • harness the power of story in blog, brand, or book
  • global reviews of manuscripts-in-progress and book proposals-in-progress
  • book proposal and manuscript assessments
  • structural re-visioning of books, essays, and stories
  • rewriting, co-writing, and ghostwriting
  • global, line, & copy edits

I become your behind-the-scenes
project collaborator, mentor,
and idea-radar.

Bridget Boland“Jeffrey saw the kernel of a story gleaming in my memoir and helped me transform it into a compelling novel that better relays the themes and truths I wished to explore. I sold the novel for a six-figure advance, a first-time published author’s wildest dream come true. “Birthing” The Doula wouldn’t exist without his generosity and wisdom.”

BRIDGET BOLAND is a healer, award-winning memoirist and author of the novel The Doula (Simon & Schuster)

Are We a Good Fit?

When hiring a coach or consultant, you want someone you can trust. I take clients who

  • are ready to commit to their best work
  • recognize that the right coaching, consulting, and mentorship is an investment in time, energy,
    and revenue
  • have great ideas that can add value to the world (or want to explore what those possibilities could be)
  • recognize that executing great ideas requires persistence, patience, self-reflection, and know-how (at least)
  • are receptive to input that they may not want to hear at first but at least are willing to work through the feedback
  • are ready to work with someone who will guide them through
    the vagaries of creative work, creative living, and, if appropriate, creative enterprising.


If you’re ready to advance a complex project, receive frequent and in-depth support, and have a partner thinking on your project’s macro- and micro-levels, then let’s go SUPREME.

You’ll receive

  • a three-month map that lays out key goals, milestones, and strategies for our work together (amendable, of course)
  • a collaborative project system set-up such as Dropbox
  • ongoing email and phone support as you need with priority response with possible additional podcasts or vid-casts addressed to your needs
  •  Webex-based live meetings with video, shared desktop, and whiteboard options of 75-90 minutes
  • a dedicated idea partner (Your project gets on my idea-radar.)
  • tools & support material
  • a review/response to/edit of up to 30 double-spaced pages of your notes, homework, drafts between meetings (This often includes a detailed “advanced review” letter.)

Rates: Check back in November 2013

Payments are made online via a checking account or credit card either once or recurring during your package’s duration.


If you have a straight-forward project with straight-forward needs and require less feedback and input between meetings, then let’s work with the SWEET STANDARD.

You’ll receive

  • Phone/Skype/Webex/live meetings of up to 60 minutes
  • a dedicated idea partner (Your project gets on my idea-radar.)
  • tools & support material
  • brief email support if necessary
  • a light review of up homework or up to around 7 double-spaced pages or a spot review during the meeting

Rates: Check back in November 2013

Payments are made online via a checking account or credit card either once or recurring during your package’s duration.

One Deep-Immersion Meeting of 60-75 minutes:

Includes a deep assessment of your situation before the meeting plus a follow-up check-in two weeks later to assure you’re on the right track

Clients with Add-on Rates:


Where the Heart Beats“Meetings with Jeffrey generated that rare excitement that writers want and need but seldom find. When this book Where the Heart Beats could have taken almost any shape, he helped me discover the inner laws that brought it into being. (adapted from Acknowledgements) I enjoy Jeffrey’s unparalleled intuition, his good cheer and grace, and his insightful suggestions for untangling my mental knots.” – KAY LARSON is a renowned art critic and author of the break-through book Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen, and the Inner Life of Artists (Penguin Press 2012) whose talks & writing are changing the way people understand Zen, creativity, and art.

Robin Bradford“Although I have an Ivy League MFA and have been a serious writer for years, my work with Jeffrey has challenged me to write better and beyond what I understood as possible. Our work together pushed me so far that I found the barrier that was blocking me. His meeting me at the crossroads as a fellow traveler has helped me clarify my memoir’s key purpose, central theme, and organic structure. I now have a solid manuscript that is near agent-ready.”-ROBIN BRADFORD is a writer, yoga teacher, and grant writer.

“Jeffrey has a wonderful gift for editing. He is sensitive to expressing the deeper meaning and how to make choices that shift the readers’ experience. His guidance sparked insight about language as a nectar of the heart. The editorial letter invited understanding of ways to share this precious essence through careful selection of image, metaphor, and syntax. With a deep bow to Jeffrey.”

– KATE VOGT, co-editor of Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems (New World Library), one of New World Library’s top-selling poetry publications. She has published work in Yoga Journal, teaches classical Yoga in the San Francisco area, and teaches Yoga philosophy at the College of Marin Extension.

“Jeffrey has provided me with provocative inspiration and constructive, detailed criticism for over three years. His preparation for our work sessions is impeccable and his knowledge of fine writers, relevant to my project, is encyclopedic. I cannot imagine a finer master craftsman with whom to apprentice myself.” – LESLIE TUCKER won 1st Prize for creative nonfiction in Press 53′s 2012 contest, 2nd prize in 2010, and Honorable Mention in 2011. Her work has appeared in So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, Shenandoah Magazine, Press 53 Awards Anthologies, Tarnished Anthology, and Fiction Fix. Her essay, Reckless Abandon, was nominated for Best of the Net and Best of the Web Awards for 2011. She won first prize in the 2011 Whistling Prairie Press Essay Contest and is completing a collection of personal essays.

“Jeffrey is a truly gifted writing coach and editor. From conceptualization to final editing, Jeffrey has been an invaluable asset of every stage of writing. He has basically turned around every disastrous piece of writing I’ve ever given him. I’d take a bullet for Jeffrey Davis

- MATTHEW IMMERGUT is Assistant Professor of Sociology in the School of Natural and Social Sciences at SUNY-Purchase. His scholarly articles have been published in the anthologies Lived Religion in an Urban Context: Ethnographic Portraits of Religion in Newark (U of CA P) and Key Readings in Social and Cultural Studies of the Body (NYUP).

Conversation With Angels“Jeffrey has been instrumental in bringing my writing to light. As soon as I met him, I felt at ease and in good hands. He guided me with insight, sensitivity and clarity through the arduous process. I am eternally grateful to him.”

- DROR ASHUAH is author of the two complementary books Conversation with Angels and So Be It. A former Israeli soldier, Harvard graduate, and successful entrepreneur, Dror devotes much of his time consulting with the United Nations and speaking on behalf of world peace and personal transformation.


Note ~ Jeffrey currently is not taking on any new private clients.

Keep informed of when he has openings.