A brand is the distinct emotional experience people have with you or your business. Branding includes everything you do to shape that experience distinctly, consistently, and surprisingly. . How do you shape your brand story? How do you share your brand story in a way that feels integral to you and your business?

Your brave medicine

Your Brave Medicine poster

It’s not enough these days to stay in your creative studio or thought leadership laboratory and create your art.

It never has been, actually. Walt Whitman and James Joyce found alternative means to get their disruptive medicine out into the world. Manet, Monet, Pissarro, and Cezanne couldn’t get into the prestigious Salon to sell their art. So they forged their own society of artists, sculptors, and painters, took over a series of rooms, and opened their own show.  Read more

You are not a brand to sell. Stand up for the Story you must tell.

storyI was talking to a health service provider reluctant to promote her effective programs for people with chronic conditions.

This accomplished practitioner’s programs have worked for the hundreds of people who have come to her center in the city where she lives, but she had been unable to reach many people beyond her geographical region. Many people she spoke with knew they needed the extended programs but kept resisting. Frustrating, too.

When I invited her to focus instead on changing people’s attitudes and actions by focusing on the Story she had to tell, on the Story she could stand up for and stand behind, she lit up.

“How do I do that?” she said.

We didn’t start with clever taglines and mission statements and elevator pitches. Check out where I did begin, and offer your responses and questions in the comments section. By the way, I’m offering a free event this Wednesday on this topic. Details below.  Read more