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A Roundtable on Gratitude with Four Creative Entrepreneurs

Last month, I posted several pieces related to gratitude and praise. At the bottom of the post I’ve included a Best of list that includes some others’ ideas on gratitude, too.

As we head toward the end of the year, I thought it would be insightful to have a round table on gratitude. Today I want to imagine we’ve gathered four varied and insightful sources on the subject of gratitude, authenticity, and entrepreneurship – a Woodstock-based writer and speaker on innovation & technology, a world-traveling entrepreneur, a London-based consultant on creative entrepreneurship, and a Brooklyn-based designer. Read more

The Wild Pack & The Tracking Wonder Handbooks

Wonder is pervasive yet evasive. This point became remarkably clear again when some 3,000 bloggers responded to the prompt I offered for Gwen Bell and her team’s sensational Reverb10 Project: Wonder. How have you cultivated a sense of wonder in your life this year? According to the posts, wonder filled many bloggers’ year. Others bemoaned its scarcity. But numerous bloggers weren’t really sure what this emotion we all talk about is.

Hence, Tracking Wonder Handbooks to help you recognize its signs and feed it. Not one guide, but two. We’ve created two Tracking Wonder Handbooks designed for creatives, creative entrepreneurs, educators – anyone who’s hungry.

TRACKING WONDER HANDBOOK ONE offers you five surprising ways to bring more delight, curiosity, and deep connection into your professional and personal life. TRACKING WONDER HANDBOOK TWO presents 20-plus resources and links to innovators in numerous fields to tease your sense of serendipity and keep your creative mind and action fresh through the year.

Designer Monica Gurevich has drawn upon old Boy Scout and First Aid handbooks as inspiration. That seems apropos since we think tracking wonder is the ultimate survival skill for the 21st century.

In my lifetime, there’s never been a more obvious need to cultivate an ongoing relationship with wonder. We can welcome wonder into our work places & studios, living rooms & kitchens, playgrounds & classrooms. Wonder is at the heart of all creativity. It’s at the heart of wisdom. It’s at the heart of emotional decision-making (which is all human decision-making).

So whether you think wonder pops in for tea each morning or has avoided your route for a solid 15 years since you left adolescence, these handbooks might be right for you adult wonder-trackers.

How to get your two free Tracking Wonder Handbooks:
Simple. Send an e-message to jeffrey [at] trackingwonder [dot] com with WILD PACK in the subject box. We’ll send them both to you.

Oh, and all I ask in return is that you send 10 creatively hungry people back to this page or to

Drop in the Hut
Let us know what other kinds of resources, information, and ideas you’d like that would help you open, innovative, and productive.

See you in the woods,

INTIMATE GRATITUDE: ways to go beyond client appreciation

Thomas Cole’s “Titan’s Goblet” evokes an abundance to toast in gratitude.

I can say unabashedly that I love my relationships with my clients. My work with them brings deep gratification. Our conversations feed my own creative projects, and their tenacity often inspires me.

As the year’s end approaches, I’m reflecting on how far my clients have come in their projects and ventures. I want to show them or express to them what their relationships have meant to me.  Like other positive emotions such as compassion, gratitude can sound like a good idea, a noble concept. But I’ve been wondering,

How can creative entrepreneurs express gratitude to clients genuinely, authentically, memorably? Read more

Welcome to the Hut.

“When we are lost in darkness and see a distant glimmer of light, who does not dream of a thatched cottage or, to go more deeply still into legend, of a hermit’s hut?” – Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Welcome to the Hut. Pardon the rough edges. I’m committed to building it post by post. Three times a week minimum, I will offer substantial content related to whatever questions need itching and thatching. More than likely questions will hover around what distinguishes creative innovators, what makes creatives productive and flowing optimally, how do creatives shape time and space and life in general so that they craft authentically and engage great work that matters.

Wonder. Surprise. Delight. Uncertainty. The body & creative productivity. These things, too, drop questions like breadcrumbs in my path. Read more