Creative Momentum Coaching & Consulting

for Creatives, Creative Enterprisers, Thought Leaders, and People Checking Out “What’s Next?”

Are you ready to advance your project – your book, enterprise, or “garage project” that will launch your next-life phase? It’s tough to persist, execute and launch your great ideas. And have fun and grow along the way? That seems implausible.

But it’s possible. As an author, consultant, coach, teacher, trainer, and business owner, I have helped literally thousands of people further their dreams. Authors and enterprisers share flip sides of the same three-fold problem:

How to captivate their own focus and fire, how to captivate collaborators, and how to captivate a paying audience.

Handsome advances with prestigious publishers. New York Times best-seller list. Revenue-making ventures. Those are some of my clients’ outcomes. Wonder comes, though, with what happens along the way. Your confidence bred from know-how, creative mindfulness, and fine-tuning. Recognition that your best ideas matter. Discovery that a tribe, an audience, a clientele waits for you to captivate them.

How We Work Together

I take a total view of you. You fill out and send me an AUTHENTIC CREATIVE INVENTORY that helps me understand your project, goals, deep intentions, and field background. We make a plan accordingly. Here are some matters we might address:

Captivating Yourself in Your Own Create-and-Work Flow

  • heighten focus, stoke your fire, sculpt time, and generate ideas
  • harness your own creative process for your book, creative project,
    and/or business
  • balance personal obligations and creative responsibilities
  • weave science-based tools & yogic tools
  • foster curiosity, surprise, delight, & openness
  • gain know-how as a writer and/or enterpriser (saves a lot of time
    and money)

Captivating Collaborators

  • optimize your Wild Packs (e.g., business team, assistants,
    creative collaborators)
  • forge right relationships with influencers
  • build a platform, both authentic and savvy
  • assess best means to spread your message
  • research your book’s market
  • seek and query agents, publishers, and publications

Captivating Audiences

  • develop or refine a smart, authentic business model and plan
  • develop or refine your persona strategy as a creative
  • craft, refine, and employ a compelling, authentic brand
    messaging strategy
  • employ emotional ingredients to captivate prospects
  • establish smart revenue goals and determine best means for revenue streams & marketing strategy
  • craft emotional designs of a fulfilling story arc (for writers
    & enterprisers)
  • harness the power of story in blog, brand, or book
  • build and engage your tribe via social media and live events

I become your behind-the-scenes 
project collaborator, mentor, 
and idea-radar.

Laura Olson“I love that Jeffrey approaches the creative process with practicality and wonder both. His reach-for-the stars attitude and down-to-earth approach have helped me take concrete steps to launch my business without losing that sense of wonder he’s always talking about. The best endorsement yet? My husband said he’s never seen me so focused or directed towards accomplishing a professional goal.”LAURA OLSON is a brave combo of extravagant yoga coach, savvy food consultant, and beautiful brander plus she’s Founder of A Life Delectable.

Are We A Good Fit?

When hiring a coach or consultant, you want someone you can trust. I take clients who

  • are ready to commit to their best work
  • recognize that the right coaching is an investment in time, energy, 
and revenue
  • have great ideas that can add value to the world
  • are ready to muster persistence, patience, self-reflection, and know-how (at least)
  • can receive and are willing to work through input they may not want to hear
  • are ready to work with someone who will guide them through 
the vagaries of creative work, creative living, and creative enterprising.



If you’re ready to advance a complex project, receive frequent and in-depth support, and have a partner thinking on your project’s macro- and micro-levels, then let’s go VIRTUOSO.

You’ll receive

  • a three-month plan that lays out key goals, milestones, and strategies for our work together (amendable, of course!)
  • ongoing email and phone support as you need with priority response with possible additional podcasts or vid-casts addressed to your needs
  • Phone/Skype/Webex/live meetings of 75-90 minutes
  • a dedicated idea partner (Your project gets on my idea-radar.)
  • tools & support material
  • a review/response to/edit of up to 30 double-spaced pages of your notes, homework, drafts between meetings (This often includes a detailed “advanced review” letter.)

Most creatives sustain their momentum best by our meeting every two weeks with action steps in between. We can decide which rhythm works best for you:

Check back in November 2013

Payments are made online via a checking account or credit card either once or recurring during your package’s duration.


If you recognize that the type of support you’ll need won’t require much input or direct feedback between meetings, then let’s go MAESTRO.

You’ll receive

  • Phone/Skype/Webex/live meetings of up to 60 minutes
  • a dedicated idea partner (Your project gets on my idea-radar.)
  • tools & support material
  • brief email support if necessary
  • a light or spot review of a document


Check back in November 2013

Payments are made online via a checking account or credit card either once or recurring during your package’s duration.

One Deep-Immersion Meeting of 60-75 minutes:

  • includes a deep assessment of your situation before the meeting plus a follow-up check-in two weeks later to assure you’re on the right track

Check back in November 2013

Clients with Add-on Rates:




Pam Didner“To me, Jeffrey is a life coach, creative consultant, mentor, writer and editor. His additional unique assets, that the other coaches can’t offer, are strong business acumen and a solid understanding of traditional and social media.  He addressed my creative yearning with a business sense.  He asks insightful questions to drive productive discussion.  I recently launched my own website venture and started writing a screenplay.  I couldn’t have done either without Jeffrey’s help.  Thank you, Jeffrey.”PAM DIDNER is an expert in scalable global marketing, a consultant for Intel, a writer, and Founder of Pursue, LLC,

The My Body Rocks Project“Like a midwife, Jeffrey held the space for me to discover my authentic needs and desires for my next project, and offered solid strategic editorial and business assistance, breathing exercises when I thought I couldn’t do it, and all the time cheering me on to push my ‘baby’ out. You rock, Jeffrey!”KAREN BRODY is a writer and activist whose MY BODY ROCKS PROJECT, the play Birth, and a new revolution in rejuvenation are changing the conversation on birth and women’s empowerment. She also writes on mothering and sleep for The Huffington Post.

Note ~
Jeffrey currently is not taking on any new private clients.

Keep informed of when he has openings.