I am a new client. What can I expect next?


  1. Accept the Dropbox invitation (on its way) and access your Dropbox folder.
  2. Accept the Basecamp Invitation.
  3. We’ll co-plan Meeting 1 accordingly.

How do I schedule my calls?

A: CLIENT SCHEDULING Your Calls via TimeTrade: Scheduling with me should be easy.

Please aim to schedule your appointments up to three business days in advance. If you make a last-minute appointment, we regrettably might have to cancel it due to other pending deadlines.

To schedule your calls please visit Jeffrey’s link at https://www.timetrade.com/book/9CJGK or use your respective Consultant’s link.

If you are working with another TW Consultant, please use that consultant’s TimeTrade schedule link.

Please sign up for a free account with TimeTrade.com. You will be able to easily reschedule your appointments and sync with your existing calendars using Outlook and Google Calendar.

You can schedule one meeting at a time via TimeTrade. So please reuse the link in order to schedule all of your meetings. If you have any questions, please contact us via info@TrackingWonder.com.

Typical Schedule for Jeffrey’s Client Meetings:

  • Tuesdays, 11 am-4:00 pm EST
  • Wednesdays, 11 am-4:00 pm EST
  • Thursdays, 11 am-4:00 pm EST

Please make every effort to keep a scheduled meeting. Should you need to change or cancel a meeting time, aim to inform your consultant as soon as possible – at least up to three business days (M-F) in advance. If your cancellation or postponement is within three days, we regret that these meetings cannot be “made up.”

If you are working with a consultant as part of our ArtMark™ or Your Captivating Book Programs, please refer to the information specific to that information and please do not use the link above. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via info@TrackingWonder.com. We’ll help you out.

Can I work with my consultant on a recurring basis after my initial package expires?

A: Yes. Toward the end of your first or any package, you and your consultant will inquire about what makes sense for you to move forward.

What if I have technical questions/problems or need help with scheduling?

A: TECHNICAL QUESTIONS AND SCHEDULING: Erin is Tracking Wonder’s Executive Assistant and Operations Manager. Erin handles our systems, scheduling, and other operations. She also can answer most technical questions. Feel free to ask her such questions at info@trackingwonder.com.

How do we share files and collaborate?

A: FILE-SHARING/COLLABORATION VIA DROPBOX.COM: Your consultant will create a Dropbox folder – a service that lets us share files online without consuming hard drive space. We suggest you use the “download Dropbox” feature that will create a folder in your computer’s finder. Once you’re acquainted with Dropbox, feel free to create sub-folders within our project folder to help you keep organized. Expect an invitation in your in-box soon. Let us know if you have any questions re: Dropbox.
BASECAMP: Basecamp’s a tool we use at Tracking Wonder to keep our projects organized and on track. We’ll be using it to manage all the work we’re doing for you!

From time to time we’ll send you messages, questions, or project updates. You’ll get everything via email. All you need to do is read them and reply to the emails as needed.

Your replies will go right back into Basecamp, which helps our team stay on the same page and make sure everything keeps running smoothly for you.

How will meetings and correspondence work?

A: MEETINGS & CORRESPONDENCE: Your package typically extends for three months or for six months. Typically, your package is defined by a calendar period, and you typically have a certain number of meetings with your consultant and support outside of meetings within that period. Please refer to your package details for specifics. After that three months, you are welcome to continue on a monthly retainer basis or to save money by purchasing three or six months of retained service at a time.

    • Our best work is helping you and others create the captivating and elevating “stuff” that matters.
    • We base our methods for email response – how and when – on what will let us do more of our best work during any given work day.
    • We sift “response-needed” email twice a day into an Action folder. We respond to easy queries usually within 2-3 business days.
    • To maximize your time on email, we aim for responses to be as germane, concise, and useful as possible. We typically do not engage in extended, lengthy conversational email correspondence best reserved for live meetings.
    • We usually respond to “deep” requests that require thinking & 
strategy within five to seven business days – urgencies withstanding. Sometimes, we will 
“bundle” your requests if you’re on a creative roll and making frequent requests. If you send us updates and expect/need a response, then please specify the query. Otherwise, you may not receive a response to a random update without a request for a specific response.
  • If you would like your consultant to review 
several pages or designs related to your project in advance of a meeting, please aim to upload those files to Dropbox a minimum of three business days before the meeting. That will allow your consultant sufficient time to review your material thoughtfully and perhaps even send you annotations and a letter with observations before the meeting. Note: A review is not an edit.

Do you offer Editing Services?

A: EDITING SERVICES: Your consultant or someone else on our team can professionally edit or proof-read a blog article, report, memo, brand copy, website copy, or other document promptly. Shoot us an email detailing your needs, and we’ll give you an estimate + ETA. We also offer line editing and proof-reading services of book-length manuscripts and proposals. Sometimes, 24-hour turn-around is possible, M-F.

Do you offer Manuscript & Book proposal review & critique services?

A: MANUSCRIPT & BOOK PROPOSAL REVIEW & CRITIQUE SERVICES: One of Jeffrey’s talents is as a book-shaper. He sees patterns and structure where others only see a mess. If you need a book proposal, book-length manuscript, short story, or essay reviewed, contact us, and we’ll discuss the details.

Do you offer any other services?

A: BEYOND THE PAGE: We help authors, solo-preneurs, and other creatives build their brand, platform, network, and online presence. We also help people create their next-life project and encore career – all while being open to what’s possible, pursuing mastery, and finding delight. Remember Tracking Wonder when you or a colleague has such a need.

What are the directions to the Studio for an in person meeting?

A: To the Tracking Wonder Conference Studio from Woodstock & Kingston:
  • From 28 headed toward Kingston, take 209 South toward Ellenville.
  • Travel approx. 15 miles through the village of Stone Ridge and into the hamlet of Accord.
  • On 209, just past the Sunoco Accord Kwik Mart, turn right onto WHITFIELD RD.
  • Travel approx. 1.8 miles and be sure to go past Lower Whitfield Rd until you are sure you have reached UPPER WHITFIELD RD.
  • Turn LEFT onto UPPER WHITFIELD RD. (look at sign carefully).
  • Keep LEFT on Upper Whitfield for approx. 2 miles.
  • Past a straightway with meadows on both sides of road, as the road curves sharply to the right, we are located on the left-hand side of the road at 156 UPPER WHITFIELD RD. ACCORD, NY 12404. Yellow farmhouse with white trim.
  • Please pull completely into the driveway.
To reach the studio in the back of the house, please take the discreet walking path marked by a stump (orang flowers and a Buddha head sometimes demarcate it) located from the driveway to the right of the house’s screened porch (barn side of house). No one will answer the front door.
Walk all the way to the back of the house’s back deck to the French doors. Ring the Ganesh bell or come on in. I’ll be waiting on the other side.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my meeting?

A:We ask that you cancel or postpone appointments up to three business days in advance, allowing other clients the opportunity to take the spot you’ve reserved. Otherwise, the client is asked to pay for the time reserved. You can find the link to cancel or reschedule your meeting at the bottom of your original Timetrade confirmation email for the meeting you’d like to cancel or reschedule.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Erin is Tracking Wonder’s Operations Manager and can answer most questions. Feel free to get in touch and ask her your questions.

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