Thanks for your interest in working with Tracking Wonder. We are currently looking for a Copywriter/Content Librarian to add to our team. See below for more details on the position and how to apply.

Thanks for your interest,


Copywriter & Content Librarian

Consider if this sounds like you:

  • You are a copy pioneer who has a knack for saying a lot in a few words.
  • You are you a pro at developing messaging that commands attention.
  • You have a stellar skill set and a collaborative spirit.
  • You are savvy in brand storytelling.
  • You are technology literate.
  • You excel in capturing a brand voice and language.
  • You are able to repurpose previous messaging and content in a way that feels fresh and relevant.
  • When a challenge arises, you naturally seek solutions on your own or with other team members.
  • If questions or concerns arise, you are a pro-active and direct communicator. You also are responsive and able to meet deadlines.
  • You want to work with a small team of remote collaborators that is heart-centered and supports new ideas, creativity, and passion for what you do.
  • You appreciate flexibility in work hours but are highly responsive Monday-Friday.
  • You can organize your life in such a way that you fulfill your role and feel fulfilled while doing so – while enjoying the rest of your life.

You can uphold our Code of Wonder:

  • We aspire for our products, services, and programs to help our customers captivate & elevate their audiences with meaningful work while finessing their own life of meaning & making.
  • We aspire to create products, services, and programs that are at once meaningful, elegant, and functional. We will scrutinize the quality of everything we do and that we present to meet these standards.
  • We aspire to create business systems that make everyone’s lives simpler by being mindful, precise, efficient, and relevant. We aim to scrutinize any technology or, for that matter, any personal habit inconsistent with this aspiration.
  • We believe that wonder – and its cousins of delight, openness, and surprise – should be part and parcel of a work life of making.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Curate and adapt the voice of Tracking Wonder.
  • Create copy for launch landing pages, marketing emails, and other Tracking Wonder assets.
  • Mine content archives for you to repurpose and rewrite.
  • Coordinate, curate, and format blog posts and articles on TW Blog, LinkedIn, Psych Today, Thrive Global.
  • Offer expertise to help the company discern best practices and priorities for marketing efforts and ideas.


  • Have 2+ years of copywriting experience
  • BA/BS in English, Journalism, Marketing, or equivalent degree relevant to copywriting
  • Must have a portfolio of writing that demonstrates the skills outlined above
  • Be highly organized
  • Want to be part of a high-functioning team fiercely committed to excellence in pursuit of common goals
  • Be a proven successful collaborator who knows when to speak up and share ideas
  • Be willing to learn


  • Be genuinely passionate about branding, creativity, and psychology

Here’s the call-out:

A part-time independent contractor position as Tracking Wonder’s Copywriter and Content Librarian.

This is a remote position with flexible hours. If you’re interested in joining this team, then let’s be in touch. Please send the following to info [AT] trackingwonder [DOT] com:

  • Your relevant professional experience and background in the form of a resumé or CV
  • A couple of paragraphs about what drives you to do your best work, what you love to do outside of work, what you envision for yourself within the next year
  • Why you would like to work with Tracking Wonder