As a creative professional, you need a few good tools. The right tools should help you track wonder and implement the art & science of captivating creativity with delightful but functional design and simple reframe of your mindset. Our team is open to creating new tools for you – so please give us your ideas for apps, handbooks, products, webinars, and more. We won’t know what you need unless you tell us.

The Mind Rooms Guide: a handbook to bypass overwhelm, make time, and shape your work flow

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Forget “time management.”
In this signature Tracking Wonder Handbook, Jeffrey lays out the simple but life-changing method for shaping time to enhance creative work flow.

1. The Updated Mind Rooms Guide – $19

with bonus essays, riffs, and tips on the art & science of shaping time

A beautifully re-designed 28-page handbook that offers an elegant reframe to help you understand your relationship to Time and “time management” anew, a background on the science of what motivates creative people in flow state, a 7-step easy-to-follow method for organizing your tasks with meaning, beauty, and function, my 12 Riffs on Time, and 3 essays on the art & science of shaping time.


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Write To Lead

You want to advance your message and influence, but content marketing, blogging, and other productive writing overwhelm and confound you. How do you kickstart your strategy to increase your impact and audience through writing?

Consultant, author, speaker, and columnist Jeffrey Davis’s book Write to Lead gives you 10 Kickstart Actions for you to position yourself in your field as a thought leader by shaping and shipping your consistent message.
Stop the overwhelm, and kickstart your influence and impact.  


Coat Thief

Coat Thief (Saint Julian Press) is Jeffrey Davis’s poetry collection, 12 years in the making, that invites you to strip away fears, live with less inhibition, and explore how to lead a lyrical life amidst so much uncertainty and flux.

Slow down.
Disrupt your rut.
Disrobe your thoughts.
Lead a lyrical life.

You could be stripped of everything at any moment.

So why wait, you say? Why not go naked, now?

– from “Coat Thief,” Jeffrey Davis

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7-Minute Prioritizer:
The Art of Discernment

Developed by Tracking Wonder Consultancy founder, author, Psychology Today columnist, and strategist Jeffrey Davis and designed by the Tracking Wonder Team, the 7-Minute Prioritizer includes these features:

  • an introduction to the psychology of flourishing and discernment
  • a Wonder-S.T.O.V.E. tool that takes you through 6 indicators to prioritize
  • concrete case studies and examples
  • a grid to prioritize projects
  • a “burners grid” to prioritize front burner, mid-burner, and back burner projects

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The Journey from
the Center to the Page

Yoga Philosophies and Practices
as Muse for Authentic Writing

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The Tiferet Talk Interviews

Writers need perspective from other writers.
Editor, poet, and Tiferet Talks host Melissa Studdard interview Jeffrey, Julia Cameron, Edward Hirsch, Floyd Skloot, Marc Allen, and others on the ways writing, craft, and consciousness intersect.
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Tracking Wonder canvas tote bag

  • 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric
  • Full side and bottom gusset
  • 22″ reinforced self-fabric handles
  • Measures 15″ x 18″ x 6″
  • Machine washable