“In the middle of the road of my life, I awoke in the dark wood where the true way was wholly lost.”
– Dante

If you’re new to the Tracking Wonder woods, this page offers a map to get you started.

If you’ve reached this page, you are in the middle of the digital age and a fluctuating economy, and possibly in the middle of your life, your creative business, or a project that matters.

When in the middle, it’s easy to get off-track and lost. But there’s no shame in getting lost and no shame in asking for directions.

From verdant woods and cave art sites to teeming cities and schools to bustling studios and humming science labs, I’ve tracked wonder. Why wonder? Because wonder is the emotional heartbeat of creativity and creative enterprising.

In my work with creatives, enterprisers, teachers, scholars, scientists, and literally thousands of people from different parts of the world, I’ve discovered that wonder cracks us open to what’s possible and keeps us connected to what’s real and to what matters most.

Tracking Wonder is here to help you – and your team – track your creative projects and your work-create-live mix. We help you re-frame your mindset to see what’s possible, sculpt time for what matters, muster focus, master systems, court delight, and mate with your muse with virtuoso skill.

The content map below will get you started. Then check out the other pages to see how you can equip yourself with the right tools and work with me.

Thanks for being here with us. We savor solitude, but we also thrive by running in wild packs with other conscientious creatives like you.

See you in the woods,
Jeffrey & the Tracking Wonder Pack

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