Where Do You Belong?

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We often seek belonging by matching like with like.

In a new group setting, our adaptive instincts seek “likes” (Is she like me? Do I have something in common with him?) instead of differences.

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Do Your Best Work, Not Someone Else’s



Are you telling yourself playing small and safe is your best decision?

Archie had made up his mind.

He told his two friends he just couldn’t risk starting his own animated studio. “It’s a stupid fantasy.” Benjy and Sahib sat silent and stunned. Read more

Where Creatives Find Know-How, Community, & Affirmation

Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

In this Age of Convenient Information Access and ready-made persona formation, why invest time and money in any training?

It was a warm sunny morning in Taos, New Mexico when I guided fifteen writers through a meditative yoga flow. When I asked them to check in with questions such as, “What am I here for?” and “What am I writing for?” a couple of them got watery eyes. Read more

A Training To Train Your Best Self to Show Up for Your Muse & Your Tribes

I want to tell you about a training. It’s a training to train your best self to do your greatest creative work in the world. And it’s a training that opens the way for you to do likewise for your clients, your students, your teams, your tribes.

You and I know the challenges of living this one wild life creatively day-in, day-out. Obligations drain your time. Distractions suck up your focus. Unforeseen complications frustrate you. And moods derail your once wide-eyed enthusiasm. And then there’s revenue. And having a unique offering for your tribe. And building that tribe.

Where’s the wonder?

The distance and residential training I’m offering this May through September won’t resolve all those matters. It won’t make living this one wild life easy. But I guarantee four things this training will give you:

  • a system and tools that will help you focus, imagine, persevere, and sculpt time to show up for your best creative work when you need to (not just when you feel like it);
  • an incomparable confidence and know-how to create and facilitate experiences for your clients and tribes;
  • the know-how and support to become a thought leader in your field;
  • ongoing support of & mentoring from a tribe of committed, experienced creatives, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and facilitators

But there’s only room for a few of you remarkable people.  And if you apply and register before March 15, you’ll get a nice Early-Bird Discount.

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The New Social Face of Lit Mags & Publishing

Full disclosure: I’m Fiction Editor for TIFERET: A Journal of Literature & Spirituality. We launched our remodeled website today. I’m also a writer who has subscribed to numerous literary magazines since he was a poor college student. So, I have my biases.

1. A Village with a Magazine Center

If you’re like most people – even if you’re one of many self-proclaimed writers – you don’t subscribe to any literary magazines and associate them with the opaque writings that turned you off of poetry in high school or college.

But lit mags are changing their face. Their social face specifically. And what they’re doing is what any smart solo-preneur, creative enterpriser, or writer or artist for that matter could learn from. They’re building relationships. They’re engaging their tribes in new ways.

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