Best Articles in Brand & Innovation for June

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This month we’ll look at getting in the creative zone, the importance of company culture, and the psychology behind picking color for your brand.

With help from Tracking Wonder’s research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros, I’ve gathered and curated some of what we deem the most relevant studies, stories, and news that will help you and your team excel at having the most impact and influence – all via storytelling, brand, and innovation. Read more

When & How Do You Stop Business as Usual?

Say you’ve mustered the focus and fire to work steadily on creative work that matters – your novel, software app, product launch, client groove.

You’ve finessed time-shaping, optimized your physical space. You’re set, rolling, and flowing.

Then, boom. Life happens. A tropical storm floods your home. An ailing parent needs emergency care. A relationship crumbles. Your special needs child’s requirements lead to litigation.

When do personal needs trump business as usual? How do you halt or re-direct “business as usual”?

Those are questions several of you, especially as solo-preneurs and creatives, have been living – and Mark Silver & Jason Stein and others have been posting about the subject, too. I’ve helped several people co-craft “Emergency Momentum” plans to help weather cancer, business crunches, economic drops, parental needs, children’s emergency needs, and more.

But suddenly they’re questions I’m living in, too, again, as some of you know from a recent post. Read more