Why DIY is a Lie for Entrepreneurs & Creatives


Now perhaps more than ever creatives & entrepreneurs have access to more knowledge, resources, and apps that empower us to take things into our own hands. But it’s also where we often get trapped.

Maybe we think that because we can kind of sort of figure things out on our own that we should do it on our own and that we’re skilled “enough” to figure it out on our own. Read more

Does Your Manifesto have integrity?


Don’t Just Ship It

In the past 8 or so years, corporate manifestos, entrepreneur manifestos, and creative entrepreneur manifestos have popped up in many places. Some of them seem true. Many feel derivative.

Manifestos are provocative mission statements (1).

Numerous Internet personalities and business coaches tell “thinkerly” creatives to “Just Ship It” when it comes to writing manifestos or executing other projects. The advice comes from a good place. It’s intended to trip up over-processing, resistant-laden creatives and business artists from always thinking about creating and never actually getting their work out there.

But is a manifesto something you want to just ship?

If you are someone who loves to think, who creates in part to unpack your concepts and ideas, who thrives by sharing nuanced ideas, and if your creative business arises from your way of thinking in the world, then why be ashamed of that? I invite you to reclaim manifestos’ intellectual and artistic roots.

Don’t just ship it. Dig deep, and write a manifesto with integrity. I offer some ideas below. Share your own ideas and favorite manifestos in the comments section.  Read more