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You can toil on a book, rehearse a talk, strategize a launch, stretch yourself to create a new product or offer or a whole new business, but you cannot control outcome.

You can craft to design experiences to take people where you promised, you can have meetings to plan, and you can gather and lead exceptional people on your team, but ultimately you have to get out of the way.

When you build something, you never ultimately know how it will be experienced.

Something happened a few years back that as I recall it still sends me reeling.  Read more

5 Stages of Confidence in Writing a Book


Catch only what you’ve thrown yourself, 
all is mere skill and little gain…

–Rainier Maria Rilke

A funny thing happens with a writer’s confidence level when writing a book. Confidence shoots up and down seemingly as erratically as weather.

Part of what makes confidence so unreliable is what we base confidence on. We try to base confidence on nebulous emotions such as passion and a blind belief in our own abilities & authenticity and bull-headed willpower.

If I just believe in myself, I can write this stellar book. Just gotta believe! Just gotta write, write, write. Practice, practice, practice.

What if your confidence in building your book could be grounded on something solid, authentic, and heart-opening at the same time?

In working with literally thousands of writers and professionals with book ideas, I’ve identified 5 common stages of confidence. See what resonates with your own experience. Read more

Constant change is not creatively sustainable – O+ Festival case study

O+paradeYou have an idea.

Bring artists and musicians to New York’s first capital city in exchange for free health care from top-notch providers. Maybe you can create a festival that will draw people from around the U.S. and beyond.

But how do execute that idea? More, how do you scale it in a way that’s sustainable beyond being a one-hit wonder?

I wanted to know what happens when a person driven mostly by imagination coupled with the need to survive such an artistic drive finds himself in the role of coordinating a festival that has attracted organizers in Nashville, San Francisco, and Detroit and has drawn musicians as far away as London.

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