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You can toil on a book, rehearse a talk, strategize a launch, stretch yourself to create a new product or offer or a whole new business, but you cannot control outcome.

You can craft to design experiences to take people where you promised, you can have meetings to plan, and you can gather and lead exceptional people on your team, but ultimately you have to get out of the way.

When you build something, you never ultimately know how it will be experienced.

Something happened a few years back that as I recall it still sends me reeling.  Read more

The Post-Ecstasy Laundry List (Keep it Flowing!)

laundryWhoosh. You’ve returned from a creative retreat that cracked open your heart or a writing intensive that launched your spirit or a business retreat that clarified your vision.

Boom. You return home and to the office. Your spouse reminds you that the juicer is broken. Your senior partner reminds you of the clients’ work waiting. Your child’s got the flu.

What to do with that open heart, launched spirit, and new vision?  Read more