How we can thrive together

Tracking Wonder helps you – and your team – track your creative projects and your work-create-live mix. We help you reframe your mindset to see what’s possible, sculpt time for what matters, muster focus, master systems, court delight, and hone your creative process and practice with your muse with virtuoso skill. Why? So you can explore, develop, and launch your captivating projects that improve your patch of the planet.

We offer four ways to engage at a high level.


Scenario 1: As head of a dynamic team, you need a lightning bolt to strike team members with the motivating power of wonder, delightful surprise, and fertile confusion. Jolt your team out of work-weariness with fresh ways to innovate, create, and collaborate. Through customized Tracking Wonder Programs, your small organization’s members or online team can discover how to keep their minds optimal in dynamic collaboration and problem-solving, keep their drive stoked, and bring more discovery to the work environment. Click here if this is you.

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Scenario 2: As a creative juggler, professional, or solopreneur, your spider web mind catches more fly-by ideas than you have hours in this lifetime to digest and execute. Or compounding obligations and multiple projects dog your best “get-things-done” efforts. Or you’re at a crossroads of fertile confusion as you yearn to navigate the next phase of your creative life & career. It’s tough to persist, execute and launch your great ideas. And to have fun and grow along the way? That seems implausible.

But it’s possible. With 1:1 Creative Consulting, you learn how to captivate your own focus and fire, develop your own branded project or online start-up with enterpriser smarts, and captivate a paying audience. Click here if this is you.

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Authors & People with Great Book Ideas & Stories

Scenario 3: You’re a veteran writer whose imagination needs stoking. You’re an aspiring author or blogger who wants to know your options for living this writing life with authenticity and know-how. You’re a professional in your field with a great (okay, rough) book idea who needs guidance on developing and ultimately publishing the book.

Are you ready to advance your book or writing project and captivate its right audiences? Curious about what it takes to become a versatile, confident, and authentic writer within a specific field? Would you value ongoing editorial mentoring delivered in a format that fits your background, needs, and timing? Click here if this is you.

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Jennifer Schelter“There are very few educators and teachers as bound to the tradition of being a true teacher as Jeffrey Davis. He consistently inspires me with structures for fulfilling my goals and growth as a writer, educator, and business owner. I wish I had met him sooner, like in kindergarten. He’s that helpful and intuitive in pinpointing what I am evolving into and what I need. 

Jeffrey is a great gift to those serious about mastering the creative process of living to the fullest, writing to the fullest, and creating one’s Self to the fullest.Anyone with the time, resources or interest in Jeffrey’s talent should grab it. Your creative work and writing will accelerate and bloom. Thank you, Jeffrey.”
JENNIFER SCHELTER has been called “One of the Most Inspiring People in Philadelphia” by US Airways Magazine. The founder and executive director of Schelter Yoga, she is a writer and an expert in mind-body well-being, observational precision and peak performance modalities that promote happiness, calm, and focus. YogaSchelter
Julie Metz“After many frustrating attempts on my own as a writer, Jeffrey Davis stepped in and helped me reorganize my project with kindness, humor, and rigor. The book proposal Jeffrey helped me write sold and I am about to publish my first book.”
JULIE METZ writer, graphic designer, artist – on work together on the NYT best-seller Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal and Renewal that landed her on Oprah and The Today Show