For Quiet Creatives & Other Business Artists
Ready To Shape & Tell Their Signature Brand Story

The problem?

You know you have potent creative medicine to share, but not enough people seem to know about it. And you’ve heard the noise: Your agent or publisher, friends or advisor have told you about building – building platforms and brands, building lists and building a presence. All of this building.

Many intelligent creative people, health service providers, coaches, and consultants recoil at the thought of building a platform or creating a personal brand. The process sounds like a bunch of self-centered, manipulative shouting driven to make money and be “famous” on the Internet.

But what if you could learn a way not only to build your presence in the world
but also to build up the people your creative work serves and engages?

What if the process itself became so creative, so meaningful, and so rewarding that you enjoyed it almost as much as writing a book, making art, creating programs, or designing jewelry?

Enter Your ArtMark™

Your ArtMark™ -
your signature presence
of creating meaningful experiences,
making positive change in the world,
and creating a sustaining livelihood

Your ArtMark™ is an artfully designed 3-month program that will help you shape and unfold at last the dynamic, coherent brand identity and story you’ve been yearning for but were too afraid to pursue.

Your ArtMark™

Beyond Branding

For Creatives Ready To Shape & Tell Their Signature Brand Story

January 24-April 18, 2014

Limited to 30 25 20 15 13 spots