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Equipping mindful change-makers to reclaim a life of meaning and possibility with a little less worry and a little more wonder.

What do the great visionaries, creatives,
and scientists have in common?

They’ve kept alive an abiding sense of wonder. 

Wonder isn’t easy to experience consistently today. In a culture that often rewards our ability to hustle, produce, and achieve, the space to dream can feel like a luxury we can’t afford.

Yet the steady stream of distractions in our modern world also leads to creative burnout, loss of focus, and misplaced over-working.

Wonder is the antidote to hustle culture, a balm that reconnects us to our deepest purpose and creative drive. By actively tracking experiences of wonder, we disrupt disbelief, biases, and monotony. 

Based on 15+ years of research, application, and deliberate lived experience, I believe that reengaging with our innate ability to wonder is the key to a better, fuller, more creative life. 

The art of living well is a quest for meaning, making, and wonder

Like any good journey, the path is rarely easy or straightforward. 

I’ve always sought a life of meaning and making. At 25, I co-founded The Walden Institute, devoted to studying human potential through the intersections of neuroscience, existential psychology, and the literary arts. 

I’ve trained in yoga and Zen from Dallas to Woodstock to India. I’ve shared my research in the psychology of creativity and branding on the pages of Psychology Today and in front of full audiences. I’ve worked with leaders, startup teams, scholars, civic departments, creatives, and organizations to help them flourish at work. I’ve also helped top-notch creatives, thinkers, and writers shape and sell breakthrough best-sellers as well as up level their businesses with integrity. 

But it wasn’t until I experienced loss and tragedy in my personal life that I discovered the missing piece to the lifetime of research and knowledge I’d accumulated. 

Tracking wonder—that innate sense of magic we experienced as children—was the catalyst for a life with creativity and meaning even amidst constant challenge and change.

Make no mistake: tracking wonder is not kid’s stuff. It’s radical grown-up stuff. Beyond grit, talent, and the proverbial 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, the most fulfilled visionaries I’ve worked with and researched have a surprising common advantage: they’ve kept alive an abiding sense of wonder.

Wonder momentarily disrupts our habitual ways of seeing, relating, and feeling so that for a moment we glimpse what is real and what is possible. 

Wonder provides glimpses of hope, perspective, and beauty, even in challenging times.

Most of all, wonder keeps creativity and connection alive in a world obsessed with productivity and hustle.

And today wonder informs everything I make and do at Tracking Wonder.

I invite you and your team to join me on the quest for wonder, openness, and a life bursting with meaning and creativity.


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Tracking Wonder

Discover the inspiration behind Tracking Wonder. When life (literally) goes up in flames, learn to use the transformative power of wonder to find hope and even thrive in challenging times.

Jeffrey is the author of these books:

Jeffrey Davis Official Bio

if you need an introduction for media or an event, here’s a formal bio:

Jeffrey Davis equips creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to leverage their ideas into expanding their influence with integrity.

His work and research with creative innovators, scientists, and social psychologists offer him leading insights into how creatives flourish in times of challenge and change. He has taught at and is a sought-after speaker for numerous conferences, universities, and centers.

Jeffrey has helped thousands of people advance their best, most meaningful ideas into businesses, brands, and books. He’s helped first-time authors land handsome book advances with Big 5 and independent presses and who’ve become New York Times best-sellers. He’s helped numerous clients build and launch businesses through strategic branding with integrity. But most of all, Jeffrey challenges people not to give up on their ideals and dreams.

He writes for Psychology Today and other outlets on the intersections among creativity, work, and human flourishing. 

He’s author of the books Tracking Wonder (Coming out with Sounds True in November 2021), The Journey from the Center to the Page (Penguin; Monkfish Publishing) the poetry collections City Reservoir (BarnBurner Press), and Coat Thief (Saint Julian Press), and other books.

He lives with his wife and two daughters in a farmhouse in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Wonder at work

There’s never been a more pressing time to cultivate engagement in the workplace.

As businesses adapt to a season of big change and uncertainty, apply the Tracking Wonder framework to your organization and help your company flourish again.

Inspire your team, renew hope and energy, and learn radically refreshing ways to expand your impact—with integrity and ample doses of wonder.