Captivate Customers & Community
with an Irresistible Brand Story

January 27 – May 10, 2019

Only 30 spots available
What if you could captivate community with your distinct brand point of view?

Your Creative Tension

Does this sound like you?

You know you have a potent message and business endeavor that could make a difference in people’s lives, but not enough people know about it. Maybe you offer a lot of services but can’t succinctly express what you do and why it matters for whom in a way that vibrates with your potential customers and emerging community. Or maybe your business or brand has evolved way beyond your website.

If any of this resonates with your situation, you likely want to build and test your business model and brand identity without adding to the hyped-up marketing noise and buzz. You likely want an innovative process that lets you say who you are, what you uniquely do, for whom, and why now.

And this: You are done with doing it yourself. Alone.

Here’s the deal:

Your idea and work deserve the conception and strategy that assures it distinguishes you and captivates the right people.

You deserve the grounded support, know-how, and guidance to conceive a branding identity and share your message – all with integrity and impact.

A brand story lingers in your customer’s and community’s hearts, and draws them back for more.

A brand story strategy ensures you’re living the Story and reaching the market you merit.

What if you and your business stood for that kind of story?

January 27 – May 10, 2019

Only 30 spots available

What is ArtMark?

The ArtMark™ Brand Story & Strategy Program is an artfully designed 4-month mentorship program for a group of select entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives that gives you tested strategies to

  • shape a clear brand identity that is true to individual strengths and unique history.
  • gain a clear understanding of who your ideal market or audience is.
  • create a clear plan for articulating why your brand matters to your ideal market and why your brand matters now.
  • study your playing field so you know how to distinguish yourself and your brand.
  • say at last not only what do you do but also why what you do matters and to whom.
  • create and begin implementing a launch plan based on 4 key elements.
  • come up with, prioritize and design your signature offers and learn how to frame, pitch and sell your offers.
  • approach social media not as a way to sell more stuff but to tell a story for our times.

All with an engaged community to help keep you inspired, accountable, and to get supportive feedback from.

What distinguishes this online brand course?

You’re done with the gimmicks and buzz. You’re ready for a real approach and guide to expand your presence and impact.

  • This program draws extensively from the psychology of Story to make marketing to an audience you care about an enjoyable, authentic, and effective process.
  • This program frames platform-building, marketing, and branding as a process of creativity, innovation, and signature Story development.
  • This program empowers you with skills in telling stories and designing extraordinary experiences & products in a non-intimidating fashion.
  • This program frames you as a thought leader or conversation leader within a flexible, workable business model.
  • This program facilitates small Pod and large Pack community support.
  • The program weaves in numerous opportunities for you to test out the concepts in experimental, prototyping ways. Such experimentation helps you learn and grow.

…all delivered in a smart educational design based on research of deliberate practice, flow, human flourishing, and my 29 years of teaching.

ArtMark™ was built on the psychology of branding combined with deep knowledge of storytelling and human motivation.

January 27 – May 10, 2019

Only 30 spots available

Your ArtMark™ Mentors


Veteran story strategist, author, and founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy Jeffrey Davis relishes helping high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives advance brands, business, and revenue-building frameworks that enrich a part of the world. As an online columnist on the psychology of creativity for Psychology Today and The Creativity Post, he combines elements of creative thinking, design thinking, and collaborative problem-solving to the field of branding.

He engages smart-working thought leaders and creatives, volleying ideas back and forth until the essence of what they have to say and the story they have to tell emerges from the rough ruins.

And he’s an avid map-maker. He can see the long view of your project and career when you cannot see two hours ahead. Clients have described him as limitlessly compassionate and uncompromisingly truthful.


Joining Jeffrey again this year is Britt Bravo. Britt engages our private ArtMark™ Community and works with select private mentees.

Britt facilitates clients’ journeys from vision to sustainable manifestation using an ArtMark™ framework. For over ten years, she has helped writers, healers, artists, creative entrepreneurs and nonprofits communicate their mission. Her local paper in California named her the “best podcaster and blogger most dedicated to social change.” Britt holds a BA in Sociology from Vassar College, an MA in Creation Spirituality from Holy Names College, and is a certified Sivananda yoga instructor. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and their cat, who thinks she is a dog.

Is ArtMark right for you?


  • You want a coherent distinct brand identity.
  • You are a professional, entrepreneur, business owner, or creative who wants to share your good work or big idea and deliver it with greater impact.
  • You’re curious about a meaningful approach to branding or rebranding that lights you up from the inside-out and in turn lifts up your community.
  • You flourish with compassionate, truth-based suggestions for advancing your brand.

January 27 – May 10, 2019

Only 30 spots available

What’s Included?


via our Ruzuku learning community platform, 11 mentoring modules artfully designed and sequenced to guide you (+ 2 bonus pre-recorded webinars with Tara Mohr and Sally Hogshead).


You receive a 100+-page workbook designed to help you learn and assimilate the content as well as have a post-program archive of your work.

The Tracking Wonder Team takes great care to design the workbook in a way to facilitate your learning.


This isn’t your typical Q&A office hours. These live video calls allow you to engage with other participants and “workshop” parts of your branding with Jeffrey & Britt.


We strategically match you with 2-3 other Pack members with whom you check in 1-2 times a month.

The anchor of a small group helps you stay more engaged and helps you build a stronger relationship with your work and with the whole group.

Within your Smart Ally Pods, you:

  • share work.
  • try out ideas for your brand story’s direction, audience, key messaging, and more.
  • celebrate milestone & successes.
  • talk about ways to work with doubts, fears, inhibitions.
  • remain in touch after ArtMark™ is over #Allies!
  • DIT (Do It Together) beats DIY!


An online integrated learning environment where you can post advancements and interact with your pack.


An online private forum with other dedicated business artists to keep each other buoyant and accountable in our DIT (Do It Together) culture – facilitated by Jeffrey & Britt.


You will also receive a free Fascinate Advantage self-assessment. This assessment comes from fascinate expert Sally Hogshead’s research on over 500,000 people and numerous organizations. You will be surprised by this assessment’s accuracy, and you will gain guidance on how to take action on and make use of that assessment as you develop your ArtMark™.


As a bonus, you will also receive a pre-recorded webinar from Sally Hogshead – Bring Your Best Self to the World with Sally Hogshead – and Tara Mohr – Playing Big with Tara Mohr.

Think of ArtMark™ as a creative incubator for your inner Creative Director for your brand identity – with integrity.

The Learning Experience Map

Curriculum and Important Dates


Before the program begins, you can watch an orientation video, set up your profile, and tell us about your project and goals.

  • Learn the central difference between a brand and branding – and why you need to know them.
  • Identify your distinct ways of captivating & elevating your market via tested self-assessments such as best-selling author Sally Hogshead‘s Fascinate Advantage Assessment.
  • Leverage your native strengths for shaping your brand and influencing people for the better.
  • Learn how to conduct a Field Study of competitors with more curiosity than envy or competition.
  • Identify, gather data from, and empathize with your niche audiences – your patch of the planet.
  • Define your key skills from your heritage of expertise and experience that you can bring forward to your brand’s, platform’s, or business’s value.
  • Define a clear, true, and resonant statement of who you are, what value you deliver, to whom, and why it matters.
  • Define a working tagline that will make your ArtMark™ memorable and distinct.
  • Share your plan and discoveries with your peers.
  • Define your brand mission.
  • Explore and identify possible ways to distinguish your ArtMark™ brand within your playing field.
  • Brainstorm ways to disrupt your playing field with integrity.
  • Identify your ArtMark™ Key Ideal that will shape your brand’s emotional value and promise.
  • Create messaging that differentiates you within your field and positions you as a leader.
  • Learn how to create desired frames of association with your brand.
  • Learn and test out a framework to distill your ArtMark™ work to date into an elegant Story outline that is transferable to website copy, landing pages, online content, and social media strategy.
  • Test out elements of Storytelling in blogs, articles, videos, or podcasts.
  • Share your brand Story ideas with your peers.
  • Extend your Mission into a Credo of your core values.
  • Shape a Manifesto that will unify your audience and turn them into fans who spread your message.
  • Map foundational blog content to unfold your brand’s message.
  • Brainstorm a list of offers, products, and events that cohere with your new Story.
  • Learn how to start with prototyping instead of perfecting.
  • Design a prototype tool or product for your customers or audience.
  • Learn the 6 Elements of Experience Architecture to Exceed Customer Expectations.
  • Develop a simple experiment to engage live and local audiences.
  • Gain a fresh take on revenue and revenue streams that will open you to new revenue potential.
  • Artfully arrange and sequence your offers into a gallery of experiences that will delight your customers and community.
  • Gain a detailed walk-through of several professional websites to apply to your own ArtMark™-aligned website.
  • Learn the 3 essential elements of a start-up brand’s home page.
  • Learn the basics of setting up a blog as part of your ArtMark™ Story.
  • Gain practical tutorials in using some social media channels in an ArtMark™-aligned strategy.

January 27 – May 10, 2019

Only 30 spots available

Levels of Engagement


The Community Level is for the professional, creative, or entrepreneur ready to learn via Jeffrey’s video webinars & support material, group coaching calls with Jeffrey and Britt, and awesome support via the online community. Excellent if you’re self-motivated and do not require private mentoring.


This Mentoring Level is for the professional, creative, or entrepreneur ready for everything at the Community Level and who also is ready for a smart, trusted mentor on your side who can address your specific project, potential, and process.

ArtMark™ 2019 Pricing


26 spots

  • 11 Collab Lab Calls
  • High-quality screencast, video, & mp3 recordings of modules
  • Field Guide
  • Private online ArtMark™ community
  • Online Integrated Learning Environment
  • Two bonus pre-recorded webinars with Tara Mohr and Sally Hogshead
  • Fascinate Advantage Assessment
  • Smart Ally Pods
ends January 25th


one-time payment



for 4 months

by purchasing this package you are
agreeing to our Terms & Conditions


4 spots

  • 11 Collab Lab Calls
  • High-quality screencast, video, & mp3 recordings of modules
  • Field Guide
  • Private online ArtMark™ community
  • Online Integrated Learning Environment
  • Two bonus pre-recorded webinars with Tara Mohr and Sally Hogshead
  • Fascinate Advantage Assessment
  • Smart Ally Pods
  • Six 45-Minute Laser Sharp Calls with you & your Premium Consultant
ends January 25th


one-time payment



for 4 months

by purchasing this package you are
agreeing to our Terms & Conditions

“Although I have been a consultant/coach/entrepreneur for the past ten years, I did not take the time to gain clarity around who I am, who I serve, and what I have to offer that can have a positive impact on the world. I realized that I did not have the skills to articulate my brand story and I needed help with it. ArtMark™ was the perfect program at the perfect time for me. The ArtMark™ approach helps entrepreneurs to define their authentic, meaningful, unique, and impactful brand. I gained great insights from the program, and the additional coaching support provided by Tracking Wonder team member Britt Bravo was pivotal in helping me move forward with my brand.”
DORIANNE COTTER-LOCKARD | PhD, Author, Leadership Mentor, and Collaboration Coach
“I say with utter sincerity that I have never before experienced such a transformation in a short period of time, never before been more clear on my vision and the practical steps to unfold it.”
AMY MCTEAR | Musician, Mentor, Spiritual Activist, One True Voice
“The ArtMark approach has given that gift and a way of marketing that is genuine, reflects who I am and what I stand for. This is something I can embrace, rather than flinch away from. Through ArtMark, I have more deeply realized that I am my POP (Patch of the Planet).”
NANCY SEIBEL | Keys for Change
“Jeffrey’s coaching was outstanding and achieved what I had struggled with for years. It was the best educational and discovery experience I have had since college and I am sure you will experience the transformative success. The transition has led to a significant increase in my client work in the areas where I want to work. I am not chasing billable hours anymore. I am expressing a point of view in a platform that attracts commercial support. The return on investment here is off the charts. You just can’t beat earning money doing what you love.”
ANDY RAY | Business Consultant and Author of Radical Impact
“If you’re a perfectionist, as I am, or a creative juggler, you’ll benefit from the framework designed to funnel your multitude of ideas into brand-aligned actions. The best thing I learned in ArtMark was the importance of prototyping – to learn by doing, rather than thinking about it. Over three months, I learned the world wouldn’t end if I came up with an imperfect idea. The importance of a safe , collaborative environment in which to iterate and reiterate cannot be overstated.”
CAROL TEST | Dynamic Arts Educator
“From my original idea kernel, Jeffrey finessed the Thin Difference message and positioning with elegance and clarity. His questions, encouragement, challenges, and insights helped the new Thin Difference pop – and land on a feature in Parade Magazine. As a result, I’m a smarter writer and teller of a big Thin Difference story.”
JOHN MERTZ | VP of Marketing, Author and Leadership Expert, Thin Difference and Active Leadership
“Jeffrey’s ArtMark program “got” that as a sensitive and intuitive business artist I needed reassurance and processes that would not be compromised once I stepped over the threshold. The ArtMark program “got” that my vision for expanding my healing practice, online presence, book platform, and future speaking and teaching gigs needed to fully align with my inner wisdom and my core ideals for me to even look up. Jeffrey, the ArtMark™ team, and my supportive pack mates made it so easy to cross a threshold that seemed unapproachable.”
LORAINE VAN TUYL | PhD, Holistic Psychologist & Author, Amazon Wisdom Keepers
“ArtMark has been a game changer. Through the foundational modules I’ve been able to get a more clear picture and feeling for my Patch of the Planet’s needs and what I can bring forth from my knowledge, experience, and character that can be most helpful to them. Not only that, I’ve gained a community of peers who understand and value my work — something I’ve yearned for. Finally, my brand, business, and book in progress are now coherent. I see my book as my core product and my business as the container for my own growth.”
JULIET BRUCE | PhD Writer, Healing Story Practitioner Living Story/Story Sanctuaries for People, Communities, and Organizations Facing Difficult Change
“The Artmark program is a thoughtful incremental journey to the centre of oneself. It is sufficiently elastic to accommodate all stages, from those just beginning, to those who are lost or fatigued. I doubt anyone would emerge without greater clarity, resolve and enriched confidence in who they are, and what unique gifts they offer, even quietly, perhaps differently, but in peace.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

Approximately 4-5 hours each week.

What technology will be used?

Be willing to engage your pack via Ruzuku, the online learning platform we use to organize the modules, webinar videos, and more. Adobe Reader is required to download your Field Guides. We use an online video-based system called Zoom for our live calls. You can use Zoom with a computer or a mobile device. It’s best to have a broadband Internet connection, working computer mic and speakers (or headset or earbuds – even better!), and a webcam.

What is your refund policy?

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We will refund 100% of your fee. No kidding. Just complete the entire program, send us all of your completed homework, and attend every live call. If you have truly absorbed and completed the work and then feel that it did not meet your needs, I will refund your entire fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

Otherwise, we understand that circumstances arise beyond your control that may prevent you from completing the program at a level you wish. Because this program’s spots are limited, we can refund 50% of your payment to date if your request is made and accepted by February 10. Because of the limited spots, no refund requests, regardless of circumstances, will be honored if made on February 11 or thereafter.

Are You Ready or Resisting or Both?

Do you know resistance? I do. I’ve discovered a couple of things about resistance – mine and countless others’ – over the years.

Resistance shows up just as you’re about to step up and lean into the work you know matters.

Sometimes there’s a greater cost on the heart and the business when we delay.

Usually resistance has nothing or little to do with money and everything about our own caution about really doing the work.

A genuine community of peers and mentors can override that doubt and self-sabotage.

ArtMark™ is optimally priced so you can invest in what matters and gain an emotional and financial return. And ArtMark™ is optimally designed to nurture, affirm, and challenge the best in you in the right ways.

If ArtMark™ sounds right for your endeavor, then I invite you to step up and join us.

What are you waiting for?

Thanks for running with me,

January 27 – May 10, 2019

Only 30 spots available

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