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The problem?

You know you have a captivating book inside you – or scattered in files and notebooks – ready to be birthed. You know this book matters, that it tells an engaging story, shares truths we need to hear, or advances an idea we need to consider. But you also might be struggling to find its point, its core story, or the meaningful shape that will give order to the chaos. It’s okay to be stuck. All of us writers get lost in our projects.

But here’s the deal:

Your brilliant idea and astonishing story deserve a conception that assures your captivating book spreads and changes people’s lives.

You deserve the ground support, know-how, and guidance to conceive, create, and publish that book.

Join our 8-month Author’s Mentorship Program

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What is Your Captivating Book?

Your Captivating Book is a one-of-a-kind authors mentorship program for a group of select writers that shows you how to:

  • Work through blocks & challenges.
  • Write consistently every week to the finish line.
  • Distill a book’s elegant premise.
  • Finesse your craft & voice as an engaging author or story architect.
  • Captivate the interest of agents, publishers, influencers, funders, and fans alike.

What Distinguishes this Online Writing Course?

You’re done with the big and vague promises. You’re ready for a real game plan and a guide to get you closer to the finish line.

  • This program goes deep versus broad. Enrollment is limited to assure your work and process receive the attention it deserves.
  • This program lays out a well-designed journey for you over the course of eight months. Your mentors are patient and supportive. You can view our program schedule here: 2017 Schedule & Milestones
  • This program is innovative because it blends 1) an in-depth break-down of conceiving, shaping, drafting, finishing, and publishing a book, 2) the science of captivating book elements, and 3) an ongoing interactive group community.
  • You have options to work with your mentors 1:1, to have a virtual mastermind retreat, and to have a 1:1 VIP Days in the Hudson Valley.
| Founder and Chief Mentor & Strategist

Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey has published with the Big 5 and with independent presses. A thought leader in the field of creativity and productivity, he is also author of a pioneering book on writing and creative process plus a veteran strategist who relishes helping other creatives advance books, brands, and businesses that enrich a part of the world.

He engages smart-working writers and thought leaders, volleying ideas and pages back and forth until the essence of what they have to say and the story they have to tell emerges from the rough ruins. He’s helped first-time and veteran authors earn six-figure advances, publish with the Big 5, niche independent presses, and their own presses.

And, yes, some of them have landed on the New York Times bestseller list and in Oprah’s arms.

He can see the long view of your project and career when you cannot see two pages ahead. Clients have described him as limitlessly compassionate and uncompromisingly truthful.

YOUR CAPTIVATING BOOK brings together the most powerful teachings & tools he’s offered individual authors and thought leaders over the years.

Join our 8-month Author’s Mentorship Program

Registration is currently closed. Please sign up below to receive first notification when we open registration again.

Is Your Captivating Book Right for You?

You’re ready for Jeffrey’s Your Captivating Book Authors Mentorship Program if:

  • You have a great idea for a book and want to get it done well or you are working on a manuscript for an eBook, trade nonfiction book, personal growth book, novel, or memoir.
  • You have no formal training but want that training delivered in a way right for you, or you have an MFA but want to receive the Story wisdom and mentorship you never got in college.
  • You’re curious how to shape, finish, and publish your book in a way that truly will captivate and elevate your audiences.
  • You flourish with compassionate, truth-based suggestions for advancing your book, creative process, and/or career.
“Jeffrey taught me about story. He taught me how to create dramatic suspense and narrative denouement. He effected (by suggestion) my transition from discursive analysis to the final form of the book—the one Ann Godoff [of Penguin Press] bought. I enjoy Jeffrey’s unparalleled intuition, his good cheer and grace, and his insightful suggestions for untangling my mental knots.”
KAY LARSON | Author of the nonfiction book Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen, and the Inner Life of Artists (Penguin Press)
“After many frustrating attempts on my own as a writer, Jeffrey Davis stepped in and helped me reorganize my project with kindness, humor, and rigor. The book proposal Jeffrey helped me write sold for my first book.”
JULIE METZ | New York Times best-selling author of Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal & Renewal (Hyperion Voice)
“Jeffrey saw the kernel of a story gleaming in my memoir and helped me transform it into a compelling novel that better relays the themes and truths I wished to explore. I sold the novel for a six-figure advance, a first-time published author’s wildest dream come true. “Birthing” The Doula wouldn’t exist without his generosity and wisdom.”
BRIDGET BOLAND | Healer, award-winning memoirist and author of the novel The Doula (Simon & Schuster)
“I came to Jeffrey newly pregnant with an idea and a title. Working with Jeffrey was like having a mentor, trainer, beloved friend and Zen master all wrapped up in one. He has a gift for seeing the diamonds in the rough – and, lordy, was mine rough! Jeffrey expertly guided me through the development of my core promise, and he held onto my vision of the book as I sweated through rewrites and more rewrites.”
Luna Jaffe | Author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Freedom and CEO of Lunaria Financial
“I am generally good at structuring things, but the tools I received here are so evocative and creative that I have adopted them. The emphasis on story and on putting myself in the shoes of my readers constantly is an essential learning. As I write, I continue to think as if I am writing a letter directly to my readers and to address their real needs. I have loved being part of a pack of people writing all kinds of books as we have created a collaborative atmosphere.”
ANAMARIA ARISTIZABAL | Coach, author of Life Re-Vision
“Jeffrey’s coaching was outstanding and achieved what I had struggled with for years. We focused in on what motivated me, how my approach resonated with my specific audience, and what specific tactics I could execute to put it all together in a coherent expression. This transition has led to a significant increase in my client work in the areas where I want to work. I am not chasing billable hours anymore. I am expressing a point of view in a platform that attracts commercial support. The return on investment here is off the charts. You just can’t beat earning money doing what you love.”
ANDY RAY | Author of Author of Radical Impact, Principal and Thought Leader for PKF Texas
“The YCB experience was extremely supportive and helped me gain confidence. The materials were enlightening and practical…the one-on-one calls were invaluable.”
KIM MANLEY ORT | Founder of Adventures in Seeing Workshop, Photographer, Writer

Join our 8-month Author’s Mentorship Program

Registration is currently closed. Please sign up below to receive first notification when we open registration again.