Captivate Customers & Community with
an Irresistible Brand Message & Story

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Your Creative Tension

You know you have a potent message and business endeavor that could make a difference, but not enough people know about it. Maybe you offer a lot of services but can’t express what you do and why it matters for whom in a way that vibrates with your potential customers and emerging community. . Or maybe your business has evolved beyond your website.

You want to build and test your business model and brand identity without amping up the marketing noise and buzz. You want an innovative way process that lets you say who you are, what you uniquely do, for whom, and why now.

But here’s the deal:

Your idea and artful work deserve the conception and brand strategy that assures it distinguishes you and captivates the right people.

You deserve the grounded support, know-how, and guidance to conceive a branding identity and share your message – all with integrity and impact.

A brand story lingers in your customer’s and community’s hearts and draws them back for more.

What is ArtMark?

The ArtMark™ Foundations Program is an artfully designed 4-month mentorship program for a group of select entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives that gives you tested strategies to

  • shape a clear brand identity that is true to individual strengths and unique history.
  • gain a clear understanding of who your ideal market or audience is.
  • create a clear plan for articulating why your brand matters to your ideal market and why your brand matters now.
  • study your field so you know how to distinguish yourself, distinguish your brand, within your field.
  • say at last, not only what do you do, but why does what you do matter and to whom?
  • create and begin implementing a launch plan based on 4 key elements.
  • come up with, prioritize and design your signature offers and learn how to frame, pitch and sell your offers.
  • approach social media not as a way to sell more stuff but to tell a story for our times.

All with an engaged community to help keep you inspired, accountable, and to get supportive feedback from.

What distinguishes this online brand course?

You’re done with the gimmicks and buzz. You’re ready for a real approach and guide to expand your presence and impact.

  • This program draws extensively from the psychology of Story to make marketing to an audience you care about an enjoyable, authentic, and effective process.
  • This program frames platform-building, marketing, and branding as a process of creativity, innovation, and signature Story development.
  • This program empowers you with skills in telling stories and designing extraordinary experiences & products in a non-intimidating fashion.
  • This program frames you as a thought leader or conversation leader within a flexible, workable business model.
  • This program facilitates small Pod and large Pack community support.
  • The program weaves in numerous opportunities for you to test out the concepts in experimental, prototyping ways. Such experimentation helps you learn and grow.

…all delivered in a smart educational design based on research of deliberate practice, flow, human flourishing, and my 28 years of teaching.

“Jeffrey leads this journey with humility, integrity and humor; always encouraging and elevating – rare and treasured.”
SUSANNE CHRISTIANSEN | Founder, Soul Jewel Project

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