What Kind of Entrepreneur Survey Results

You are an Emergent Entrepreneur

Based on your survey results, you’re likely an Emergent Entrepreneur.

Watch the video above for information about your Entrepreneur type.

Recommended Next Steps:

  • First, identify your three core values because what’s most important to you in business should drive the kind of business you want to create. Don’t create someone else’s business.
  • Second, start asking the people you already work with and solve problems for what they see as unique in you.
  • Third, identify the kind of people whom you want to serve and engage in the next year. What kind of problems do they have that you’re uniquely suited and excited to solve for? What kind of yearnings do they that you’re excited to help them fulfill?
  • Fourth, identify what your core message and value is.

When we combine your distinct value with the woes and wants of your customers and then we can unfold your distinct message, then we have the core elements of your personal brand story: Your identity. Your potential hero-customers. Your theme message.

From that brand story you can design signature services, products, and experience. You can build up your platform of influence, impact, and income. Then you can make a difference in people’s lives and make a living – all based on your distinct ideas and solutions.

This can be a daunting and overwhelming process to take on. Would you benefit from a 4-month program to guide you through creating your mission-centered brand to captivate your customers and community?

Join me for ArtMark™, my Brand Story & Strategy program to build your irresistible mission-driven brand.

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