What Kind of Entrepreneur Survey Results

You are an Evolving Professional

Based on your survey results, you are likely an Evolving Professional.

Watch the video above for information about your Entrepreneur type.

Recommended Next Steps:

  • First, identify your 3 top core values that you share with your best clients and customers. Doing so will give you the basis for creating a values-based brand that in today’s market will heighten your chances for success in rebranding.
  • Second, identify your top 3 unique traits and talents that distinguish you from everyone else in your field. You don’t want to create a new yet generic business. You want one that uniquely reflects who you are.
  • Third, start saying no more and yes less. That is, leverage what you uniquely do and build out the brand identity and platform presence that will bring you a greater return for less of your face time.
  • Fourth, ultimately update your brand story in a way that is integral to who you are now – not to who you’ve been. Such a brand story provides the cohesive foundation for you to re-brand yourself or your business intentionally and build your community of potential customers, increase your impact, and earn a higher return.

This can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Would you benefit from a 4-month program to guide you through creating your mission-centered brand to captivate your customers and community?

Join me for ArtMark™, my Brand Story & Strategy program to build your irresistible mission-driven brand.

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