A Strategic Gathering Place
for Leaders of Their Packs

Content creators, thought leaders, and bloggers dedicated to shipping their best work out to the world.

What Stalls Your Influence

Here’s what I’ve seen happen with professionals and creatives who have good ideas they want to share.

They know that writing is bar none the most valuable tool for them to refine and to broadcast their or their business’s signature ideas. They know that publishing solid content remains the most effective way to build their visibility as well as to engage their target audience and acquire clients. They know that publishing consistent content helps them make a difference in people’s lives and minds.

“Writing Den offers big picture strategies. It allows you to tap deep within and grow your own authority.”
Loraine van Tuyl | PhD, CHT, holistic psychologist, spiritual teacher, Depth Hypnosis practitioner, shamanic healer, thesacredhealingwell.com

If you are like many of the thousands of people I have helped over the past thirty years,
four things stump you:


You resist building your writing muscle each week.


You have difficulty distinguishing and unfolding a signature idea over several weeks or months.


You have difficulty standing out within your field.


The strategies of publishing and broadcasting your message strategically online still elude you.

Enter the Writing Den

The Writing Den is an action-oriented online catalyst community and content incubator for content creators, thought & conversation leaders, bloggers, writers, and others dedicated to delivering their best work to their target audience.

Shape your message and media with your signature voice and point of view.

Ship your test work and best work on a regular basis.

Broadcast your message across several channels – without getting social media fatigue.

Build up your platform while building up your people, audience, and community.

Together. With a veteran mentor and resilient allies.

Join a community of big-idea thought leaders and change-makers and get the focus, support, and accountability you need to take action.

Join for just $49/month. 


What would happen if you could remove the confusion and isolation of producing content as a blogger, thought leader, or revolution spokesperson?

What if your content expressed your distinct point of view and catalyzed people to the action you want them to take?

All delivered in simple but profoundly effective biweekly instigations and monthly video jam sessions.

I will crack you open to becoming the best thought leader you can be through writing powerful content, leveraging the simplest technology for your blog traffic, and more.

“Jeffrey pushes you to reach a little bit higher with his help and guidance of the Pack. I’ve had more success on my regular blog but I’ve also had a few of my essays accepted for national or international publication.”
Barb Buckner Suarez | LCCE, FACCE, BU Facilitator, bbsuarez.com

Here’s how it works


Get Your Call-to-Action

Every two weeks I will deliver in your inbox my instigation – a prompt, tip, or lesson + an instigating call-to-action designed to get your best work out into the world delivered to you as a

  • short mentoring video,
  • supportive worksheet,
  • an action writing brief or tip or lesson or,
  • case study of effective writing & thinking-on-the-page as a thought leader.

Each instigation aims to call you to:

SHAPE content that delivers value and distinctly comes from your point of view.

SHIP content on a regular basis (no over-perfecting).

BROADCAST your message strategically across many channels.

BUILD alliances, your list, your brand, your movement.


Pow-Wow at Writing Den Office Hours

On the first Monday of each month, you, I, and the rest of the Writing Den pow-wow on live video calls during which you can ask me anything related to content creation & online content publishing + check in with your monthly goals, milestones, & strategies. I will be your straight-talking mentor, instigator, and captain-to-action plus you can connect in live time with your allies.

Many times we break into small groups on the video conferences.


Do-It-Together and Run with the Pack

You receive exclusive access to a robust community of smart, open-minded, & supportive allies highly dedicated to holding themselves accountable to shaping, shipping, and broadcasting their best work in order to build their platform and build up their audiences and people. DIT (Do It Together) Beats DIY. Great collaborations emerge from our communities.

Join a community of big-idea thought leaders and change-makers and get the focus, support, and accountability you need to take action.

Join for just $49/month. 

What our members are saying…

About Jeffrey

This is some of the writing and thought leader cred I bring to the game for you:

  • published over 400 blog articles in 4 years on 5 blogs & channels (That’s about one article on average every 3 days for 4 years.)
  • published a break-through nonfiction book with the Big 5
  • write for Psychology Today, The Creativity Post, and other outlets
  • co-founder of Aligned Thought Leader Immersion
  • recognized as changing the way we think about “business artistry,” story-based branding, shaping captivating books, and creativity in the workplace
  • published with Big 5 publisher as well as independent presses and in journals and magazines around the U.S. and in London
  • consult and mentor authors who have landed handsome advances for books that reached the NYT best-seller list and on Oprah’s list
  • have helped clients reach Top Thought Leader recognition in their fields & convert content into media recognition & 6-figure revenue
  • regularly interviewed for views on creativity, innovation, writing for major magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and radio shows
  • have taught professional and creative writing in university grad programs and at leading conferences in four countries
  • am known for building meaningful online communities

My most important job is that I raise two little girls with my active entrepreneur wife – so I “get” the time-crunched deal.

Most of all, I completely light up when I see people like you show up and shine with your best ideas and best work.

So, why not?

Well, if you are not action-oriented and not dedicated to bringing out your best work and helping keep your fellow allies buoyant & accountable, the Writing Den is not for you.

If you like to lurk and sneer and hold others down, please spread your gloom elsewhere.

If you think you’ve got this writing-and-shipping thing all figured out by yourself, that’s cool. This isn’t for you.

But if you’re really ready to show up, write, and ship, let’s gather at the Writing Den and get running.

Join a community of big-idea thought leaders and change-makers and get the focus, support, and accountability you need to take action.

Join for just $49/month.