Tracking Wonder Beta Journal

The Tracking wonder Journal is an evidence-based tool that in practice will shift your daily habits so you can design your days for more experiences worth remembering. 

If you desire an increased send of meaning, boosted immunity & resilience, and a greater sense of generosity, I invite you to test out the Tracking Wonder Journal.

Your doing so isn’t only a big favor for us at Tracking Wonder (thank you!!), but can lead to your experiencing more openness, more meaning, and more creativity every day.

You’ll order it below (paying only for shipping, we take care of the rest) and receive your copy within 1-2 weeks. Then you’ll test it out for 2 weeks and then take 7 minutes to answer a quick survey about your experience.

Plus, when we officially launch the Journal, you will be the first to know!

Grab your Tracking Wonder Journal while we are still beta-testing for free. You just pay for shipping.*

*Only valid for shipping in the contiguous United States.

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Sharing, duplicating, or using this content other than for personal development and application to one’s own endeavors is strictly prohibited. This material is still in beta so we appreciate your not sharing with anyone. 

In exchange for receiving this beta-journal for free, I agree to provide feedback by way of survey approximately 2 weeks after receiving the journal.