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As a business artist and an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming trying to determine what tools to use. As a company, we aspire to create business systems that make everyone’s lives simpler by being mindful, precise, efficient, and relevant. We aim to scrutinize any technology or, for that matter, any personal habit inconsistent with this aspiration.

That is the filter through which we decide what tools we use in our company and we continually revisit our tools over time to ensure alignment with our values and goals.

Proven tools that magnify your efforts

My Project Brief

Gain clarity and traction on your big idea. This psychology-based worksheet will help you drill down and get clear on a project you’d like to prioritize, then map the different steps and tasks required to work on this project for the next 6 months.

12 Principles to Do Business-as-Unusual Manifesto

Rally against the daily myopia. We insist upon a different way of building business than the worn-out model of business as usual. These 12 Principles are the values that bond us. Print it out and hang it up where you will be reminded daily.

Quest Community

Acquire community, perspective, and genuine connection. Not a dead forum, this is a dynamic place for weekly collaborations, feedback, and connections with big-hearted creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

Business Artist Dispatch

Be inspired on a weekly basis. An update from the studio of Tracking Wonder Founder Jeffrey Davis, full of resources and ideas for branding, idea leadership, and doing business with integrity.

Look for yours on Sunday!

5 Ways to Rally Curiosity, Delight, and Deep Connection Into Your Creative Profession and Life

Transform your daily life and work. This handbook provides you with 5 simple ways to track wonder and invite curiosity, delight, and deep connection on a daily basis. Your daily actions make up your weeks. Your weeks make up your year. Your years make up your meaningful wonder-filled life.

Rise of the Business Artist Report

Learn more about you and your pack. There is a global movement being spearheaded by creative entrepreneurs and thought leaders. This article dives into what bonds and drives this group called Business Artists. (Note: yes, you are a business artist.)

Tools I Use

Equip yourself to succeed. There are tools and tips I use to track wonder on a daily basis and be at my best for my work, family, clients, and myself. This part of the toolbox give you insight into the tools I use every day.


Note: Some of these tools do contain an affiliate link. If you use these links to sign up or make a purchase, we do receive a small commission. This review and opinions expressed within are based on actual usage and recommendation of these tools.

How to Fascinate

Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate assessment is different in that it measures how you influence others. We use it for all new clients and new team members because it gives us valuable information on how you work with others and what you bring to collaboration. You can purchase your full report here.


We just recently began using Ontraport for our email marketing, task automation, and CRM platform. Ontraport isn’t for everyone, especially if you are just starting out. The learning curve is quite steep, but if you are at the right place in your business it can help you grow, scale, and automate many aspects. One of our favorite features is the reporting. You can easier see what is working and where you may need to pivot in your different marketing efforts.


Our team has included up to 9 members spanning 2 countries, 6 states, and 4 time zones over the past few years. Despite our geographic distance we needed to all be on the same page. So we implemented Basecamp, a project management tool we use for internal projects and client projects. Basecamp allowed for a smoother and more cohesive team experience for everyone. Want to try out Basecamp for your team? You can sign up here and get $50 off your first month!


Evernote essentially is a cloud-based file-storage program you can download for free at Basic level or pay for additional features. I use the various features to help me capture, draft, and organize my ideas and content. I especially use Evernote to draft articles, blog posts, and weekly dispatches because there is a full-screen draft mode that helps eliminate other distractions.


My team and the TW Community (including clients and program participants) resides in over 34 countries and 42 states in the US. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows me to connect with the team and with my clients and community in a way that is almost as good as being in the same room. I hold team meetings, client meetings, program calls, and even webinars with Zoom. Its many features, including recording, screenshare, and chat, allow for communication to be personable and effective.


I love post-it notes, especially the ability to move them around. It is tangible and keeps me grounded. So when a client recommended SlickyNotes, I was over the moon. Slickynotes are brightly-colored, thin sheets of double-sided film. Use any writing instrument (ballpoint pens, sharpies, pencils) on the colored side (just like a traditional sticky notes) or flip to use with a dry erase marker. Erase and reuse: one pad of SlickyNotes lasts much longer than the old sticky note pads. Erin, our Ops Manager, also uses the SlickyBoards to create a dry erase board anywhere.

Write to Lead

The process laid out in this book has helped me publish over 400 articles on Psychology Today, The Creativity Post, LinkedIn Pulse, Tracking Wonder, and elsewhere. Write to Lead offers 10 simple kickstart strategies and exercises to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Mind Rooms Guide

When my first daughter was born, I was torn between wanting to be fully present with my loved ones while also tending to the projects ahead of me. No system I tried really got how my mind works or kept me motivated to “keep up” with my projects, tasks, and unexpected emergencies every day. So I developed my own system. Mind Rooms Guide shows you a method to plan your day, tasks, and life with meaning, beauty and functionality – and without frustration and overwhelm. I still use this system every day.

7-Minute Prioritizer

If you are anything like me, you likely have more project ideas than you have time to execute them. The framework laid out in the 7-Minute Prioritizer not only helps you prioritizes projects but also can change how your mind discerns.

LEUCHTTURM 1917 Journals

As any client or anyone who’s attended a Brand Artistry Lab will tell you, I prefer the LEUCHTTURM 1917 Journals. Dot grid. They’re paginated. They come with labels. A pocket. A place to fill out a Table of Contents as you go.

Carry the notebook with you to capture on-the-go surprising insights. Your doing so tells your brain this project merits attention – even when you’re not at the desk or in the studio.

Sharpie Pens

For these journals, I prefer the Sharpie pens with the fine point. They don’t bleed on the journal paper.

Bulletproof Coffee with grass-fed butter

I am extremely sensitive to mold and other toxins so to optimize my cognition and stamina, I use mold-free beans for my daily cuppa coffee. I add butter to …

Turmeric Tonic

I am very intentional about what I put into my body so I am at my best for the day. One beverage I make every day is my turmeric tonic. I make this because…

I just blend the following ingredients in my Bullet blender. (You can pass it through a sieve if you don’t like the texture of the shredded turmeric and ginger.)

Enso Timer

I am very intentional about how I structure my days and use this Enso timer to help me stay on schedule. I use it in the morning when I meditate, I use it when hosting workshops and our Brand Artistry Lab series, I use it when writing pretty much anything.

SelfControl App

Your adaptive unconscious loves to automatically check Facebook and then send you down the rabbit hole of likes and agitating bad news. It also loves to check email incessantly. To eliminate distractions, I use the SelfControl app which lets me choose which websites I can block for a certain number of hours.

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