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7-Minute Prioritizer: The Art of Discernment

You have too many ideas and responsibilities + too little time to act on them all at once. The 7-Minute Prioritizer is the tool for you.

Developed by Tracking Wonder Consultancy founder, author, Psychology Today columnist, and strategist Jeffrey Davis, the 7-Minute Prioritizer includes these features:

  • an introduction to the psychology of flourishing and discernment
  • a Wonder-S.T.O.V.E. tool that takes you through 6 indicators to prioritize
  • concrete case studies and examples
  • a grid to prioritize projects
  • a “burners grid” to prioritize front burner, mid-burner, and back burner projects

The 7-Minute Prioritizer not only gives you a tool to prioritize. It also gives you a framework that can change how your mind discerns. For the long term. 

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This booklet and tool equips business artists of all stripes to build a cognitive framework for decisive action that goes beyond “gut feeling” on one hand and over-analysis on the other. Think of it as hack prioritizing.

So many good projects, so many competing commitments – how to choose? Jeffrey has created an elegant way to home in on what’s the best choice so you can get into action. What a relief! Get it and then use it!” 

JEN LOUDEN | NYT best seller

“The 7-Minute Prioritizer is a game-changer. It takes the headache and hours/days/weeks/months out of making decisions about which projects to pursue. Discernment is such a key skill for anyone – whether making business decisions or life decisions, we want to make them from a place of knowledge, and this tool equips us with the necessary knowledge of what to put on the front burner, mid burner and back burner.” 

IRINA BARANO, CPCC | Speaker, Facilitator, Executive Coach,

“Discerning which opportunities to pursue has been a bogeyman in my creative work for years. I just couldn’t settle on the criteria for choosing. When I saw Jeffrey’s 7-Minute Prioritizer, a long-standing obstacle dissolved in a moment. Not only are the categories for choice deeply resonant with an open-hearted and creative life, but the visual-thinking format is both reflective and grounding. The Prioritizer has been an absolute game-changer.”

SUNNI BROWN | Founder of Sunni Brown Ink, one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, and Amazon Best-Selling Author of Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution

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