Stand in wonder with your impactful work even amidst challenge & change.

Crack open to possibility, purpose, and connection
like you’ve never felt before.

You’re poised to advance your most impactful work.

Maybe you have a vital message that not enough people know about.

Maybe you yearn to advance an endeavor – uplevel your business, finish your book, launch a podcast – but competing priorities throw you off-track.

Maybe now is the time to invest in what matters most but you need perspective to take the wisest next steps.

And if you’re like most human beings I’ve worked with for over 20 years, beneath your desire you might have a host of normal but derailing obstacles – fears, limiting beliefs, distractions, and busyness.

What if you could advance your impactful work and grow your influence while shaping your life with more possibility, connection, and wonder along the way?

Enter the Tracking Wonder Inner Circle MasterMind. We are devoted to helping you do just that.

“I truly feel like a thought leader now. I value my vision
and all it brings forth in a way I never thought possible.”
Bethany Hegedus | children’s book author & founder of The Writing Barn (

Not all MasterMinds are equal.

Jeffrey Davis, founder of Tracking Wonder, designed this program because he saw too many talented people delay their dreams or hide their impact out of fear, isolation, or lack of discerning strategy.

The Tracking Wonder Inner Circle (TWIC) MasterMind is based on Jeffrey’s 15+ years of research and development of time-tested practices, frameworks, and trainings that have helped literally thousands of people advance their work, deepen their confidence, and shape the lives they long for. The TWIC MasterMind Program is based on these four principles that Jeffrey has seen work for people across industries:

  • Wonder – Wonder is the singular human experience that awakens creative potential across industries.
  • Integrity – When making key decisions, you will be regularly challenged and supported to check in with your deep why, your innate genius traits, and your core values. All training in branding, marketing, & business development is integrity-based.
  • Connection – Connection, one of wonder’s relational facets, guides our interactions and agreements throughout the annual cycle.
  • Wise Strategy – It’s not always what big idea you pursue that leads to fulfillment as much as it is discernment of which steps you take, when, and with whom.
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Onboard with Vision.

You’ll learn to shape a flexible multi-month vision with meaningful goals you’ll keep front of mind each week.

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Jam with Jeffrey 1:1.

Meet with Jeffrey at the beginning, mid-cycle, and closing of the annual cycle to refine your goals, define your strategies, and build your discernment muscles.

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Get equipped.

You’ll receive the Tracking Wonder Journal and other tools designed to help you shape your days and prioritize what matters.

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Retrain your brain to focus & flow.

You’ll gain access to Jeffrey’s signature Deepen Your Focus & Flow at Work course that has uplifted over 7,100 people worldwide.

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Keep curious with the TW Library.

You’ll gain open access to Jeffrey’s modules and content related to branding, authoring and selling a captivating book, creative flow, and more.

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Experience the Spotlight magic.

Approximately every other month, a select number of Inner Circle members come into the Spotlight for a mindful, collaborative MasterMind session.

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Receive a weekly boost.

Custom Doses of Wonder audios prompt you to step back and wonder what’s real and what’s possible.

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Stay organized.

We keep all community communication coordinated on our Inner Circle Basecamp platform.

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Connect with accountability & authenticity.

Our weekly Accountability Forum assures you stay on-target, connected, and inspired to advance your endeavor. You’ll keep it real in mind, heart, & spirit.

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Retrain your brain to wonder more.

Our cognitive trainings help you renew your relationship to your mind’s downer patterns so you can redirect your mind and priorities toward possibility. No bypassing or toxic positivity.

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Stay grounded each month.

Meet with Jeffrey and the Inner Circle for a monthly live Wonder Monday Morning Practice Session plus  bi-monthly Inner Circle coaching sessions.

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Deepen your training.

Three times a year Jeffrey offers a three-hour workshop designed to take you deeper into your work and accelerate your impact. Two times a year Jeffrey hosts a half-day Co-Work Session using his Focus & Flow & Wonder Methods.


Who It’s For


All Inner Circle members are business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and/or life designers committed to assuming agency on their path as brand artists, business artists, and mindful change-makers. We seek a return both emotionally and financially for our efforts.

Each Inner Circle member is willing to contribute to cultural conversations – through the brand, the business, a creative endeavor, and/or content.

Every Inner Circle member must have the capacity and commitment to devote ongoing weekly attention, time, energy, and resources to advancing their impactful work.

The Inner Circle members are ready to quest with a close group throughout the year with continuous support & accountability.

They are interested in building invaluable relationships with the other members.

Each Inner Circle member has the resources to invest in their most impactful work and their most fulfilling lives through the TWIC MasterMind Program without strain or distress.

Our Inner Circle 4 Agreements*

Each Inner Circle Member signs off on abiding by these 4 agreements that hold our Inner Circle in tact:



I agree to take agency of my quest by taking action every week toward fulfilling my most meaningful work and expanding my impact as a brand artist.



I agree to hold myself and other Members accountable through weekly goal-setting, encouragement, and input when solicited through our Forum.



I agree to attend with full attention every MasterMind Spotlight Session and to offer solicited quality input and encouragement.



I agree to honor my own well-being by honing my Flow Foundations.

*Any Member who regularly cannot uphold these agreements may be asked to step away from the Inner Circle.

“The Tracking Wonder Inner Circle community offered a safe haven of integrity and support in which to test ideas, learn, share fears, and gain precious insight from fellow creatives and business owners. The connections served as tailwinds as I honed my brand’s message and medicine, developed a support system for my business, even landed my first corporate client! Jeffrey’s mentorship and wisdom brought connectivity and inspiration to the group while maintaining forward movement and accountability. The Inner Circle offers a priceless experience for any brand artist, at any stage of their journey.”
Nancy Burger | Fear Strategist (

Stand in wonder with your work and life.

  • Gain the confidence and skills to focus on what matters, every week.
  • Hone the skill set to shape a fulfilling creative life while upleveling your business or advancing your endeavor.
  • Gain the courage and skills to broadcast your endeavor’s or brand’s point of view.
  • Be part of an unparalleled community of peers and a veteran mentor that values integrity, authenticity, connection, and agency.

4 quarterly payments of $1,797
due September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1

One-time payment of $6,488 (save $700)
due September 1

ADD-ON: (6) 60-minute 1:1 jams with Jeffrey over 12 months – only $3750 (save $1040 of normal jam rate)
due September 1 for scheduling