The Inside Story

There very well may be something hungering in you or your organization this year to amplify your best ideas, to bring forward your best attributes, and to shape a new story about why your brand matters now, imperfections and all.
Why not feed that hunger?

Fellow Change-maker,
Whether we run together or not, we want you to know this:

You don’t have to euthanize your dreams anymore.

You don’t have to surrender or suppress your curiosity. Whether you’re an executive, professional, creative, or entrepreneur, you are a storyteller. And you don’t have to sacrifice your big idea in pursuit of profit. Forget about choosing between being “responsible” or living a fulfilling life. You can do both. Today, we live in a world where you can build a meaningful business and life while also making a living and a difference.

And when you do decide to take your idea and transform it into a product, service, brand, book or business, guess what?

You don’t need cheap flashy marketing gimmicks
to get your or your team’s ideas noticed.

You need a team of dedicated creative renegades to help you define, design, and launch your signature story, brand, book, and more.

At Tracking Wonder, we do business as unusual. And we want you to as well.

We can help you create like an artist and earn like an entrepreneur.
We can help you become a Business Artist.

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What exactly is a Business Artist?

Artists have the imagination, storyteller intelligence, and maker’s sensibility to bring mind-changing delight to their audiences. Entrepreneurs have the experimental mindset, problem-solving attitude, and collaborative spirit to make ideas stick, spread, and gain a return.

Artistic sensibility + Entrepreneurial savvy = Business Artist

| How We Became a Movement

After the recession, we listened to what people were complaining about and wishing for. What we heard was consistent: We hunger for something different, something different than the broken 20th-century model of business-as-usual.

In response, we launched our manifesto film and released our 12 Principles of Business-as-Unusual. These principles don’t just define our consultancy. They now define our global community and emerging movement of business artists.

Business artists aren’t defined by their job title.

They’re defined by their hunger for integrity, creativity, and openness.

Business artists whom we know and work with include entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business owners, health and wellness professionals, teachers, coaches, lawyers, designers, Fortune 500 consultants, executives and employees working within organizations.

Business artists don’t just sell information, products, or services.

They are storytellers who create unforgettable experiences that elevate instead of manipulate their customers and community.

Most of all, business artists cultivate an ongoing sense
of the most essential of human emotions – Wonder.

What and Who is Tracking Wonder?

Tracking Wonder is a boutique creative company. We help mission-driven professionals, creatives, and businesses gain greater influence and impact – with integrity. For over 25 years, our founder has been helping people get to the heart of who they are, define where they want to be, and create a path to get there.

We have helped entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” build memorable, sustainable, profitable story-driven online brands.

We have helped seasoned professionals rediscover their core motivation and unify their teams so they can take their mission to the next level.

We have helped first-time authors become New York Times best-sellers, earn handsome advances, and publish break-through books with the Big 5 as well as start their own artisanal presses.


Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis has been tracking wonder ever since his father gave him a journal when he was a tow-headed seven-year-old boy roaming Texas’s wooded lots. For over 20 years, Jeffrey has studied, worked with, and interviewed psychologists and change-makers of all stripes to understand how creatives flourish in times of challenge and change. Their common secret weapon? The capacity to experience wonder over and over again.

Author of four books and founder of three successful brands, Jeffrey and his work have been featured and highlighted at world-class centers, conferences, and universities. He’s a big picture map-maker with a poet’s sensibility for nuance and details that help you create what’s next at the level of excellence you aspire toward.

Jeffrey lives in his 1850 farmhouse in the Hudson Valley of New York where he often dances with his daughters and wife and continues to question, write, and experiment his way through work and life.

He spends his days guiding private clients, speaking to teams and organizations, developing new learning expedition programs and trainings, working on his next book, and with his wife guiding his two little girls’ growth.

What We Offer?

Business Artists We Run With

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Never again lay your head down at night thinking,
where’s the wonder?

Download My Project Brief & start creating your best work + receive first notice of product and program releases + weekly messages rich with tips for branding, meaningful work, and doses of wonder.