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We help you choose the right path
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Publishing your book is a sure way to expand the influence you can have on other people’s lives. Whether you have a big idea thought leader book, an eBook, or a novel or memoir, your book and signature storytelling can boost your profile and platform. It can lead to more sales and opportunities. And it can be remarkably gratifying to bring together and publish your body of work.

But how do you get from idea to manuscript to published book?

The ever-changing publishing industry confuses even veteran authors – and veteran literary agents. You need to know and assess your best options.

Frankly, there are 5 clear paths to publish your book. Our founder has experience in getting our clients’ influential books published with New York’s Big 5 publishers, independent and mid-level presses, hybrid presses, publish-on-demand presses, and their own artisanal presses.

We are not a protector of traditional publishing nor are we champions of false self-publishing promises. There is not one best path for all authors – despite what others might tell you.

Let’s jam on which path is right for you.

Why is Tracking Wonder Different?

A veteran book strategist, Jeffrey keeps abreast of changes in publishing and partners with others in the industry to help our clients make the best choices.

Unlike most writing coaches and unlike most self-publishing outfits, Jeffrey is a book strategist and thought leader mentor who sees you and your book in a larger context of influence and impact.

Jeffrey has published books with Penguin as well as mid-sized independent presses, so he knows the other side of being an author. He also has taught creative writing at premiere writers’ conferences around the world and in a Master’s of Fine Arts program for professional writers. With over 20 years’ experience in this storytelling field and founder of the Your Captivating Book mentorship program, Jeffrey has helped literally thousands of writers advance their goals and build their platforms with integrity.

If you opt to publish your book with your own press, we have an experienced book designer, ghost writer, copy editor, and book sherpa to get your book into the hands and hearts of people who deserve your book.

Jeffrey and our team can create a consulting and coaching plan that helps you in three distinct phases:



  • Distill your notes and rough ideas into a singular, elegant, storytelling plan that will help you shape, finish, and sell your book.
  • Determine the branding areas of influence & content marketing that your book fits in.
  • Determine the comparable books on the market to position and differentiate your book.
  • Identify the primary target market & assess how you currently are engaging them.
  • Present your best personality advantages and your experience and expertise.


  • Determine the best structure for your premise & reader experience.
  • Write consistently by applying frameworks, tools, and tips.
  • Build confidence and knowledge to develop your manuscript or book proposal.
  • Gain editorial perspective and idea partner perspective from a veteran book strategist.


  • Receive an assessment of the most viable options to publish, complete (if appropriate) with recommended publishers, acquisitions editor’s contact information, recommended agents’ contact information.
  • Pitch your book, using signature tools and frameworks.
  • Gain guidance in & co-writing of custom query letters and proposals targeted to specific publishers – including access to 5 successful Big 5 book proposals & break downs of why they worked.
  • Determine the viability of working with a trusted hybrid publisher.

Our customized consulting assures that you keep your integrity and bring the best parts of you and your message forward while gaining the return you hope for.

Our Results

“After many frustrating attempts on my own as a writer, Jeffrey Davis stepped in and helped me reorganize my project with kindness, humor, and rigor. The book proposal Jeffrey helped me write sold and I am about to publish my first book.”
JULIE METZ, writer, graphic designer, artist

on work together on the NYT best-seller Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal and Renewal
that landed her on Oprah and The Today Show


Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists by Kay Larson

Kay came to Jeffrey with a book proposal her agent could not yet sell, a Zen-based book structure, and rough pages. She had pieced together how the trajectory of the influential musician and thinker John Cage’s personal life intersected with D.T. Suzuki’s lectures in the late 1940s and how those brief encounters would ripple with influence on every art movement to follow. It was a unique and provocative premise that deserved care. She needed help reworking the proposal, finding the Story arc, and giving shape to this massive genre-busting manuscript. The two of them got to work.


Within two weeks of sending back a reworked proposal, Kay’s agent Anne Edelstein sold it to Ann Godoff of Penguin Press. With a renewed sense of what the book’s key questions were and its possible Story arc, they revisited and reshaped the book proposal, which within weeks Kay’s agent Anne Edelstein then sold to Ann Godoff of Penguin Press. Off and on for the next three years, Jeffrey and Kay worked together to meet her goals. The book has received wide acclaim and has brought to a culmination Kay Larson’s 15-year project and rightfully elevated her as a sought-after expert on John Cage.


A KIND OF LOVE STORY about overcoming the need for love… a solid heroic narrative… fascinating.” — Ben Ratliff, New York Times

STRANGE AND WONDERFUL…A gloriously rich reading experience, studded with layers upon layers of deeply inspiring and endlessly fascinating paths. One of the best books of the year in any category.” —

“Meetings with Jeffrey generated that rare excitement that writers want and need but seldom find. When this book Where the Heart Beats could have taken almost any shape, he helped me discover the inner laws that brought it into being.”
Kay Larson

Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders by Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz, former VP of Marketing for Corepoint Health in Dallas, came to Jeffrey with a rough book idea that would guide Millennials to become future leaders. He saw the book as his eventual next act in life to make a greater contribution to the world – without the trappings of DC politics. Jeffrey’s and Jon’s work together involved mapping a new writing weekly schedule and project management systems. They shaped a research system, including holding informal roundtable coffees to talk with and listen to Millennials. With the intermittent assistance of another associate, they shaped template chapters, discussed the art of storytelling, the graceful weaving of research, and the art of syntax. Their work together took the book project all the way to design and publication with the Tracking Wonder Team’s lead designer Holly and programmer Dom.


Since writing and publishing the book ACTIVATE LEADERSHIP,  Jon has shifted the branding direction and content direction of Thin Difference, built a team of Millennials, been named Top Thought Leader in Business two years in a row by Trust Across America, and has spoken at venues such as the Aspen Leadership Institute.


“Jon Mertz hits a ‘trust’ home run in his new book Activate Leadership. As he explains in this excellent roadmap for our next generation of leaders, trust makes work productive, seamless, and timely. A great message for current leaders as well!” – Barbara Kimmell, Executive Director, Trust Across America-Trust Around the World

“Jeffrey’s coaching was outstanding and achieved what I had struggles with for years. This transition has led to a significant increase in my client work in the areas where I want to work. The return on investment here is off the charts. You just can’t beat earning money doing what you love.”
Jon Mertz

Adventures in Seeing: How the Camera Teaches You to Pause, Focus, and Connect With Life by Kim Manley Ort

After completing Jeffrey’s author’s mentorship program Your Captivating Book, Kim came to Jeffrey with a partial manuscript for a book based on her popular Adventures in Seeing workshops. She and Jeffrey shaped the book’s singular elegant idea, laid out a structure, shaped the chapters’ internal structure, and volleyed ideas on how to integrate Kim’s signature frameworks such as The 9 Contemplative Habits, the Mentors she weaves throughout the book, and the Calls to Adventure exercises, 45 in total. Kim possesses a calm, clear, resonant demeanor in person. It was important to maintain that voice on the page. They went on to work the Tracking Wonder Team of lead designer Holly and programmer Dom to create a path to design and publish – including careful interior design touches and artful integration of over 100 photographs.


“This book’s a delight… a fresh and beautifully evoked pathway of loving life. Gift yourself by immersing in the journey… Kim Manley Ort is a wise and expert guide!” – Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“Adventures in Seeing is a beautiful guide to using photography to grow personally, emotionally and spiritually. Give yourself – and those you love – the gift of this book!” – Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big

“The experience was extremely supportive and helped me gain confidence. The materials were enlightening and practical…the one-on-one calls were invaluable.”
Kim Manley Ort

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Let’s jam on which path is right for you.