This year #WeQuest together. We’re thrilled to have you join us in questing towards a more meaningful new year, along with hundreds of other adventurous Business Artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, plus 7 visionary thought leaders.

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This December, I am envisioning my best 2019 with the inspiration and support of 7 visionary thought leaders, an international community of fellow change-makers, and a team of creative renegades at Tracking Wonder.

What if 2019 were the year you not only advanced your best work for a better world – but was also the year you boosted your well-being, strengthen your bonds, and heighten meaning in your life along the way?

What if 2019 were the year you could attain the goals that matter most?

What if – in short – you could design a year of wonder, delight, and healthy productivity?

Quest2019 is a month-long online experience that will help you plan for a year of delight, wonder, curiosity, and creativity. These qualities can boost your sense of well-being, strengthen bonds, and assure you enjoy your year’s quest.

More importantly, Quest2019 is about Doing-it-Together, not Doing-it-Yourself.

I joined Quest2019, a free 31-day online community experience to design my best year yet. And I invite you to join as well.

Plus, if you join, let them know that I sent you (put <YOUR NAME> in the How Did you find out about Quest 2019? field in the sign up form). I have the opportunity to win a 45-minute jam session if you do!

Wonder is no accident. Wonder is Designable.


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If you have any questions, you can always contact us at We look forward to questing with you!