Brand Story Identity & Websites

We assure your brand captivates
and elevates as only you can.
Your business or personal brand deserves more than a website.

You deserve to have the mission your brand is uniquely about at the core and the signature Story your business is telling reflected online.


In this engagement economy, a brand story identity catalyzes you and your brand to attract and build the right audiences and expand your reach both with confidence and with integrity.

But here’s the problem: You’ve had or heard about website design nightmares. Website teams promise more than they can deliver. Designers disappear. Programmers don’t “get” your business’s or brand’s unique needs. Designers and programmers and copywriters don’t listen to each other – or to you.

And as one corporate consultant client told us, “One of my biggest mistakes was paying $30,000 for a one-person business website.” Ow.

In short, you don’t have a small fortune to drop for a website – even though you anticipate a 10X return on that investment.

How do you find a team that is responsive, talented, reasonably priced – and understands deep branding from the inside-out?

At Tracking Wonder, we think we have a unique edge over the mass-market outsourcing outfits and over-priced designers.

Let’s jam about your vision & signature online story.

Our Signature Method

Our Team of Talented Human Beings

Everyone on our team becomes a member of your team dedicated to your goals. Quite often you don’t know what you need. That’s where our needs assessment process comes in. We put our heads together to determine the best path for cultivating your brand story identity. We’re both creative and analytical, sensitive to your needs and responsive to deadlines. Simply put, we love working with mission-centered people and brands that want to make a positive or artful difference in the world. Here’s our Credo.

Ace Project Management

We take a full inventory of your needs and review with you a detailed proposal. We help open the door to a brand identity that sparks wonder, while honoring the intrinsic value of you as the keyholder. With Basecamp we monitor progress, communicate transparently, and assure we meeting deadlines.

Branding/Rebranding Discovery & Vision

If necessary, your well-matched Branding Consultant helps your business articulate your distinct Brand Story. Based on Tracking Wonder’s ArtMark™ branding frameworks & method, we can help you better target and empathize with your audience and customer base, shape your unique value proposition, discover your brand’s singular elegant idea, write your copy, design your signature offers, and more.

Design for Integrity & Conversion

Each Tracking Wonder designer attunes to your vision in order to deftly design your brand’s face – logo, palette, iconography, layout. We don’t just create signature beautiful sites. We create sites that convert – and we equip businesses, brands, and business artists to excel with their sites.

Programming & Development

Behind the scenes, we assure everything works smoothly. From database management integration to blog subscription integration to shopping cart options, we cover it.


We coordinate with you with launch plans and dates. Pre-launch, we meet with your team to review the website dashboard with you so you feel equipped to manage the site. We follow up two weeks post-launch with a video call to assure you’re beyond satisfied. We want you to be WOWed.

Let’s jam about your vision & signature online story.

Our Portfolio of Heroes

We consider customers our heroes. They’ve taken risks to show up for work that matters and a message they stand for. Here is a small sampling of our hero stories. Their stories say it all.

The International Women’s Writing Guild

The International Women’s Writing Guild came to Tracking Wonder with a desire to shape their signature story and share it in a way that inspired their current audience and captivate more women writers.

Henson Consulting Group

Cindy Henson’s website was 10 years old with no distinct brand story. She was unsure how to grow her team’s presence and her business’s offerings online to help her embrace the engagement economy and digital market. She came to us with a distinct business need: Build her brand platform and brand story positioning.

Uprooting Lyme

Hillary Thing came to Tracking Wonder with clear business and brand needs: her business model became more niche, and she needed not only to define her distinct integrative frameworks, methodology, offers, and point of view but also to shift the complicated conversation around Lyme’s Disease. She needed a brand story identity that could present Hillary as a potential thought leader in this field.

Apple Hill Farm

When Lee Rankin began Apple Hill Farm, she had no background in farming, but a heart full of faith and a will full of grit. She also had a story and focus on family. This story and focus became the foundation of the farm’s brand story identity and subsequent success.

The Radical Within

Stephanie Holcombe came to Tracking Wonder with the loose outline of elements for a possible brand. She desired a container in which to shape a business model and to launch a cohesive brand story identity to match. The result landed her a keynote invitation to a women’s conference.

A Fiercely Kind Word

Lesley Howard came to Tracking Wonder on a mission to further the idea that kindness can prevail among writers – a culture where competition, positioning, and awards can overshadow the original yearning toward connection and beauty that inspires many of us to write in the first place. The discovery work along with the design expertise helped her launch A Fiercely Kind Word.

Women of Wonder

Ginny Taylor launched her Women of Wonder website with Tracking Wonder’s help in 2014. Three years later, she came to Tracking Wonder with a desire to update her Women of Wonder website to mirror the transition that her work and focus was taking.

Let’s jam about your vision & signature online story.