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Let’s turn your idea into lasting influence.

Maybe your bold idea could change how people fall in love, shift how families grow together, alter how Millennials work from home, start a movement, or.…

What’s the change you want to create with your idea?

Whether you have an idea for your business, your next act or endeavor, an app or book, you cannot afford cynicism or dream assassination.

Your bold idea merits radical openness.

Chances are your idea can be shaped into an endeavor that is lucrative, fulfilling, and elegant if not elevating.

Your bold idea deserves a customized branding strategy that makes an impact.

For individuals: My team and I help entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives turn their ideas into captivating brand stories & assets that resonate emotionally with customers & keep them coming back for more.

For teams: My team and I help founders & entrepreneurs unify their team, win over investors, and build raving-fan communities who identify themselves with your brand.

Distill your idea’s singular elegant promise.

Your idea has distinct value. Discover it.

Create resonant messaging people can hear.

With empathetic storytelling, your branding resonates.

Design experiences that delight.

Your products and services can make lasting, uplifting impressions.

Don’t do business-as-usual.

The business artist path accelerates exponential impact.

I want you and your team to have lasting impact, influence, and income – and I want you to have all of those things with integrity and a little artful flair.

Why? Because when your signature work in the world changes people’s lives for the better, you wake up feeling alive and ready. When your work brings a return you deserve, your impact on people’s lives and minds grows exponentially. When your work has your signature style, then no one can duplicate it or compete.

Brand Story Strategy for Individuals

Our signature ArtMark™ Brand Story frameworks help you reach that kind of business artist work & life through an unparalleled comprehensive approach.

I help entrepreneurs, thought leaders, professionals, and creatives like you turn ideas into captivating brand stories & assets that deliver on a singular elegant promise.

A brand story includes far more than mission and much more than messaging. Your signature brand story and branding strategy include a cohesive suite of methods and channels to engage customers, build community, and delight raving fans who spread the word of what you and your brand do. I’ve examined the options that authors, entrepreneurs, and other potential influencers like you have. We’ve created an approach that’s distinct and effective.

You and I create a custom plan that begins over 6 or 10 months to assure you both reach your immediate quarterly milestones as well as build a brand story and unique branding strategy that lasts. Many clients work with my team and me for a few years to see through multiple projects.

Your and my plan might include some of The 8 Stages of Lasting Influence.

8 Stages of Lasting Influence

Each business artist and influencer journey is distinct, but these 8 Stages of Lasting Influence reflect how I’ve worked successfully with numerous pros. Your and my journey might be similar.


Idea Research & Discovery


Brand Story-Shaping Foundation


Signature Frameworks & Offers


Prototyping & Market Testing


Community Rallying Content


Conversation Leader & Content Influence Strategies


Launch Strategy


Life After Launch Systems to Last

“It’s our job to make the impossible possible.”

– Yaen Cohen, founder of F*ck Cancer

The Process

In this fleeting digital age, flash-in-the-pan marketing gimmicks and downloadable solutions are not made to last.

Your brand story and strategy will assure your idea makes a lasting impression and meaningful change.
Contact us today, and Erin – our Head of Customer Delight – will be in touch to talk.

Strategy for Teams & Business Owners

Dear Founder, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner~

It’s often challenging for you or your team members to see your project or business in a fresh way, isn’t it? Each of us needs help busting through assumptions about what works, what we do, and why it matters.

But when you open up to a new view, great things can happen.

Electrify and unify your team.
Identify your team’s strengths and personal connection. Give them messaging they believe in.

Capture investors’ and customers’ hearts.
We spend money on stories we want to be a part of. Give your stakeholders that kind of story.

Lead with your ideal.
When your core values line up with customers’ yearnings, you have the basis for a winning brand story – and business.

“Wonder is a survival trait for the 21st century.”

– Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab Director, angel investor

My signature ArtMark Brand Story & Strategy frameworks for teams help founders & entrepreneurs unify their team, win over investors, and build raving-fan communities who identify themselves with your brand.

A brand story is a consistent messaging narrative both timely and timeless. A brand story cannot be “tacked on” from the outside by an agency. A brand story must spring genuinely from the organization’s origins, its team’s values, and its current potential for impact and income.

Here’s the extraordinary thing that happens with organizations: When a team has such a brand story in place, then the messaging can follow consistently and all organization members can unify with a concerted purpose. Customers naturally want to be part of that story. Before you know it, your business hasn’t just built a customer base. It’s also built up an engaged community.

The Process


Shape the Story.
Key decision-makers use my 4-part framework to create a basis for your brand identity and messaging.


Live the Story at work.
Team members unify so the Story is being lived in team culture & flow.


Deliver the Story.
Marketing and delight-based customer engagement assures your Story gets spread and draws people your way.

Possible Deliverables

  • Agree upon key elements of Brand Story framework – including but not restricted to your business’s unique value proposition – as a basis for marketing messaging.
  • Assess and agree upon key gaps in your existing brand face and online marketing that keep your business from fully developing an engaged community.
  • Lead with your ideal. Develop foundational Hero-Customer profiles as basis for targeted marketing campaigns & new offers, profiles that designated team members can research and complete or that our team can complete for you.
  • Map the existing Hero-Customer’s journey with your business to assess market gaps that you could fill. Prioritize what new offers the team needs to research for viability or that our team can research for you.
  • Prioritize how to “wow” the Hero-Customer to create a raving fan base.
  • Establish priorities for broadcasting your Brand Story consistently on social media channels, online marketing opportunities, and with a re-visioned website – all aimed at building an active & engaged community.
  • Retainer-based executive coaching to optimize your signature leadership, team meetings, and decision-making.
  • Map priorities for your Brand Team over several quarters.
  • Perform a thorough Hero-to-Offer match assessment.

In this fleeting digital age, flash-in-the-pan marketing gimmicks and downloadable solutions are not made to last.

Your brand story and strategy will assure your idea makes a lasting impression and meaningful change.
Contact us today, and Erin – our Head of Customer Delight – will be in touch to talk.

“Jeffrey Davis will change your creative life. Best creative genius teacher I have ever worked with – no kidding. Working with him is astonishing, energizing, and wonder-infusing.”
Jen Louden | CNYT best seller
“It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to work with someone who has the pragmatism and wisdom of a business person and the creativity and expressiveness of an artist. My team and I had the good fortune to work with Jeffrey Davis while building my start-up company. Not only was Jeffrey able to help clarify our business plan, but he also helped us to shape the compelling story of why we chose to create our product in the first place. And in doing so, he was also able to help us identify our core values, define the core problem our business is solving, and bring us closer together as a team.”
Jack Schur | Entrepreneur & Start-up Founder
“Jeffrey’s coaching was the best educational and discovery experience I have had since college and I am sure you will experience the same transformative success.
Andy Ray | Principal & Thought Leader at PKF Texas
“I came to Jeffrey newly pregnant with an idea and a title. Working with Jeffrey was like having a mentor, trainer, beloved friend and Zen master all wrapped up in one. He has a gift for seeing the diamonds in the rough – and, lordy, was mine rough! Jeffrey expertly guided me through the development of my core promise, and he held on to my vision of the book as I sweated through rewrites and more rewrites. He called me forth to stand tall and deeply rooted in my voice as an author and as an expert in my field. Jeffrey’s editing is thoughtful, inspiring and unflinching. Kind and firm, deeply caring and perceptive, Jeffrey is the mentor I’ve always wanted.”
Luna Jaffe | Speaker, financial planner, and author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Freedom and CEO of Lunaria Financial
“To me, Jeffrey is a life coach, creative consultant, mentor, writer and editor. His additional unique assets, that the other coaches can’t offer, are strong business acumen and a solid understanding of traditional and social media. He addressed my creative yearning with a business sense. He asks insightful questions to drive productive discussion. I recently launched my own website venture and started writing a screenplay. I couldn’t have done either without Jeffrey’s help.”
Pam Didner | Consultant for Intel, a writer, and Founder of Pursue, LLC