Vision-Tracking VIP Day

In one day you can turn your ideas and dream into
a practical roadmap for 2018 and beyond.

A vision-tracking consulting experience with Jeffrey Davis, hosted at the Mohonk Mountain House Resort in the stunning Hudson Valley.

One-on-one consulting and deep discovery, tailored to your vision and goals.

Come away with a clear strategy and plan of action for how to move forward, and create impact and earn with your business.

This is you:

  • You’re an accomplished entrepreneur, but you’re having a hard time taking your business to the next level.
  • You work hard but aren’t leveraging your full potential and best ideas.
  • You are looking ahead at 2018 and beyond for growth and greater impact but aren’t clear on your next steps of action.

This is what you’re struggling with:

You’re having a tough time visualizing “the whole picture” of you what you do as a brand founder, thought leader, or author.

You can’t come up with the action steps that will get you where you want to go in the next 3 to 18 months.

You’re tired of paying for information or courses that are full of ideas but leave you floundering with an unresolved plan for action and growth.

Meet Jeffrey and learn about the special Vision-Tracking VIP Day:

– Greg Hartle

Come away from a special vision-tracking VIP Day with:

a vision canvas

outlining your vision themes, challenges, unique talents, goals, and next steps

a map

that outlines milestones, strategies, and actions to advance a book, brand, platform, or other project

practical methods

to help you focus, shape your time and tasks each week, take care of your physical mind, and stimulate your imagination-on-cue

Start making the difference and the return you deserve

“Jeffrey’s VIP day coaching was outstanding and achieved in one day what I had struggled with for years. It was the best educational and discovery experience I have had since college and I am sure you will experience the same transformative success.”
Andy Ray | CEO of The [X]solve Group, Professional Speaker, Author,

Your One-on-One VIP Experience includes

  • a 60-minute pre-planning session via video conferencing or phone to define your situation + clear deliverables/outcomes
  • up to 8 hours of Jeffrey’s undivided attention and facilitation in uncovering and tracking your vision for your enterprise, project, or book
  • a 60-minute post-VIP Day follow up session via video conferencing or phone to check in with your progress and hold you accountable
  • a customized Vision-Tracking Playbook
  • a clear map of future horizon points, milestones, and actions to show you where to go next and by when
  • airport shuttle pick-up and return
  • two nights’ lodging and six meals at the historic Mohonk Mountain House Resort
  • memorable surprises

Take your influence, impact, and income to the next level.

Your VIP Day day is worth at least quadruple what you invest.

The Vision Tracking VIP Day delivers in 3 exceptional ways


The “Wow” of the Tracking Wonder Experience
Expect to be blown away by what you can do and how. You’ll be “wowed” not only by the scenery but also by what’s on your own horizon. Our signature Creative Problem-Tracking approach keeps one eye on the big picture and vision and another eye on the immediate task where we go deep yet practical. Expect to go further in one day than what takes some people six to twelve months to achieve.


The Experience of your Guide
Jeffrey’s helped catalyze platforms of graphic designers-cum-NYT best-sellers, scholars, financial consultants, business consultants, marketing consultants, VPs, musicians, authors, teachers, screenplay writers, & many more. His creds include columnist for Psychology Today & The Creativity Post, author of a breakthrough book on creativity with Penguin, fiction editor, and consultant for his own company for over 12 years. He’s an entrepreneur with three complementary brands and a team of nine. A long-time workshop facilitator, creative problem-solving facilitator he’s also been a mentor at a Master’s of Fine Arts in Professional & Creative Writing Program.

Jeffrey is also a present guide who meets you where you are and shows you a customized way up the mountain you yearn to climb. And all of that while finessing the art of family & homesteading.


Quality of Place as a Creative Catalyst
Yes, location matters. The science of creativity keeps pointing to the role location plays in our mind’s ability to feel free in generating new ideas and stoking the body to act on them. The Hudson River Valley is going to enchant you like few places in the United States can. And the Mohonk Mountain House experience will charm and spoil you. Expect delight.

“Jeffrey provided a clear and attainable vision for the next steps in my career. He helped me to clarify what I do, why I do it, and why it is important to the people in my sphere. He steps into your world. He doesn’t try to make your world his. I couldn’t see a feasible path forward with my platform and brand, but he could. He is extraordinarily generous, and he truly wants each client’s work to find its best place in the world. He helped me own my fierceness. I am in a completely different place, internally and externally.”
Laraine Herring | Author, Founder of Fierce Monkey Tribe,

Jeffrey is a sought-after strategist in branding, brand story strategy, and platform-building. He also is author of the pioneering book on writing and creative process, The Journey from the Center to the Page (Penguin) who relishes helping accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and agile life designers advance their ideas into brands, businesses, and books that enrich a part of the world.

He also has ignited and motivates a community of 700+ entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and change-makers from 16 countries and 42 states. He lives the Do-It-Together mentality in his daily work and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you do in the creative vision-tracking jam sessions?

You and Jeffrey will map and track your vision for you and your business for the next 12 – 18 months. These sessions will include completing a vision canvas, white board mapping, deep self-assessment, reflection, and pragmatic dreaming and idea-tracking.

When can I schedule a Vision-Tracking VIP Day?

There are 4 Vision-Tracking VIP days available in January 2018 and February 2018.

To inquire about available dates, please contact us here.

Do you have a sample itinerary for the Vision-Tracking VIP Day?

VIP Day Schedule

Note: This is just a sample itinerary. Except for begin and end times, you and I can craft your vision-tracking flow together.


[9:15] AM – [10:45] AM | VISION SESSION #1
Equipped with a Tracking Wonder Vision Canvas, Post-it notes, a Sharpie, and my queries, you will flow through a process to map key elements of your brand vision and the next steps to reach your key goals. This Canvas will be an ongoing guide for you through the VIP Day and for the next year as you can hang the Canvas on your office wall to remind you each day of where you’re headed.

[10:45][11:00] AM | VISION BREAK
Depending upon our rhythm, we might step outdoors for fresh perspective and rejuvenation to see what else is being unspoken.

[11:00] AM – [12:15] PM | VISION SESSION #2
We will customize this session according to your particular needs as they relate to building your brand story presence, your signature assets (book, keynote, signature offer, revenue system and funnel),or another agreed-upon focus.

[12:15][1:15] PM | LUNCH

Together we can map out a doable map for the next 12 – 18 months. Bring your calendar.


Business Artistry Rhythms, Actions, and Optimal Flow
If required or desired, we can review best practices and strategies for
an optimal daily flow to make your vision happen.

[4:45][5:00] PM | WRAP UP

How much is the Vision-Tracking VIP Day worth?

One 60-minute discovery sessions + one 60-minute follow up session with Jeffrey = $1098

Jeffrey’s live attention for 8 hours – $600/hour = $4800

20+ hours behind-the-scenes prep = $5000+

Luxury accommodations for 2 nights, meeting room, delicious meals, and bonus surprises – $800

26+ years of experience Jeffrey brings to the table – invaluable

Financial return – Double or triple your revenue & leverage your time & energy

Emotional return – invaluable

How much does the Vision-Tracking VIP Day cost?

Our normal rate for a high-impact VIP day is $7999. For these special vision-tracking VIP Days, we have 4 available at the discounted rate of $4999.

“I have always had a lot of ideas and suffered a bit from shiny object syndrome. Jeffrey’s guidance and the vision tracking process was immensely helpful to sort out which ideas would move me directly toward my goals, which wouldn’t, and the best next steps. Completely invaluable guidance!”
Katherine Miller | Founder and Divorce Lawyer at The Miller Law Group, host of Dialogue on Divorce podcast,

Vision-Tracking VIP Day
with Jeffrey Davis

only 4 spots left for January & February, 2018

$7999 $4999