Wonder Lab: Build Your Brand Community for Impact, Belonging, & Enduring Delight

Take actionable steps to bring people together
in this daylong virtual workshop for mindful change-makers.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Let’s Mend the Belonging Gap.

We humans are hungry now more than ever to connect in community, but how do you build a community wisely without getting wiped out in the process?

Maybe you yearn to build an engaged community around your business, startup, or creative project – but you don’t want to stress out. Maybe you hunger to build a community from your business’s or brand’s existing followers, subscribers, or group offer participants – but you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you just want to do your part in mending the vast Belonging Gap around the globe.

“Social isolation may be the central challenge of our era.”
David Brooks, NYT

Here’s the truth: The past 15 months have only heightened the Belonging Gap – the increasing feeling of isolation, loneliness, divisiveness, and desperate attempts to “fit in.” Whatever your aims to mend the Belonging Gap, you likely sense how challenging it could be to gain people’s trust and interest to join and stay in your community.

Most smart, hard-working people have one or more of these challenges:
  • An Unclear Motive – You’re not clear on your own deep why for building a community.
  • An Unclear Call to Action – You find it difficult to express why someone would want to join your community and toward what aims.
  • An All or Nothing Mindset – You sense that building a community is a mammoth undertaking beyond your capacity.
  • DIY Familiarity Bias – You might feel stuck in your own patterns instead of seeing new possibilities.

What if you already had the pieces to build a community and just needed the framework and time-tested tips to light you up to start?

What if you could make a plan with simple steps to test out building a community with what you have – not alone but in the company of other mindful change-makers?

And what if you could do so by fostering facets of wonder more than worry along the way?

This Wonder Lab is here for you.

“We’re living our dream of creating a global village for women writers. Our contact/mailing list is nearing 5,000 – huge growth achieved through the launch of our Digital Village programming. Our events are drawing diverse writers and participants from every country. None of this was possible without Tracking Wonder consultation!”
Kelly Dumar | Board Member & Social Media Coordinator of International Women’s Writing Guild, IWWG.org

Enter the Wonder Lab & the Brand Community Framework

In this daylong Wonder Lab Workshop, Jeffrey takes you and other mindful change-makers through a time-tested, evidence-based method so you come away with an actionable plan and simple next steps to build your community sooner than later.

You will gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to
  • Discover your Deep Why and the compelling Call to Action to join your community.
  • Avoid the 3 Big Mistakes of Building Community.
  • Find (more of) the right people for your community.
  • Apply the 3 Belonging Keys to your distinct community.
  • Design for inclusivity and difference.
  • Create community guidelines in your voice.
  • Test build a small community.
  • Delight in process as you foster facets of wonder for community engagement.

All within the brave and safe container of other participants mindfully holding space as you speak out your ideas. Do It Together Beats DIY!

This Wonder Lab experience will feel like a mini-community itself.

You also gain access to our elegantly designed worksheets to guide your experience during and after the Wonder Lab.

The Brand Community Framework is a flexible (read: not one-size-fits-all) method based on Jeffrey’s vast research, consulting, and delivery in community engagement, human psychology and neuroscience, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning. Jeffrey has successfully used a variation of this framework with organizations, small businesses, teams, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, thought leaders, creatives, and other mindful change-makers.

This workshop marks the first time he is sharing this body of work in public.

Now it’s your turn.

“It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to work with someone who has the pragmatism and wisdom of a business person and the creativity and expressiveness of an artist. My team and I had the good fortune to work with Jeffrey Davis while building my start-up company. Not only was Jeffrey able to help clarify our business plan, but he also helped us to shape the compelling story of why we chose to create our product in the first place. And in doing so, he was also able to help us identify our core values, define the core problem our business is solving, and bring us closer together as a team.”
Jack Schur | CEO & Founder of Portal, portaldwellings.com

Why I’m Hosting This Lab

I grew up believing that if you were going to buck the system and question the status quo, that you had to go it alone.

I learned the hard way that the Do It Yourself mindset at all costs is fatiguing, defeating, and isolating.

But soulful changes gradually happened. In 2010, I shared my ideals and vision for Tracking Wonder with others. I built small teams of talented people to further the vision. We developed authentic community experiences that rippled globally with impact beyond what I, one person, could ever accomplish alone.

Loneliness and isolation are soul-crushing.

In 2017-2019, I researched what I call The Belonging Gap to help us and our clients see why community-building is a cultural imperative.

During the past 15 months, I have witnessed that Gap become a Chasm.

This Wonder Lab aims to equip and light up each of us to do our small part in mending the Belonging Gap.

– Jeffrey

| Who is Jeffrey?

Thought leader strategist, teacher, and author Jeffrey Davis creates a brave, safe container for all participants to gain courage, confidence, and clarity. Founder of the Tracking Wonder Quest Community with members from over 36 countries and the Brand Artistry Labs immersives, Jeffrey works with and interviews creative innovators, social psychologists, and mindful leaders to discover how people flourish in times of rampant challenge and change.

His job is to make work, life, and creativity a little less worrisome and a lot more wondrous.

He has traveled widely to share his teachings on creative fulfillment, impactful work, and the beauty of living one’s own story with integrity. He writes for PsychologyToday.com, hosts the Tracking Wonder Podcast Show, and is author of four books, including Tracking Wonder: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity (forthcoming from Sounds True, November 2021).

How We Flow in the Wonder Lab

Before the Wonder Lab:

As soon as you register, you will receive our elegantly designed and printable worksheets to guide your experience. You also will get a pre-Lab assignment to prime your mind and heart ahead of time.

During the Wonder Lab:

Jeffrey guides you through an evidence-based framework and introspective process while you develop and share your ideas.

The workshop is an effortless flow of presentation, solo discovery & development, as well as small group sharing.

Throughout the day, we will use breakout rooms for mindful interaction and sharing.

We will close in celebration.

The Brand Community Framework


Start with who and where you are.

Rather than build a community the way you think you should, this framework shows you how to build a community that only you or your brand could and must.


Why story?

Stories more than stats motivate us to change. When you discover a few key pieces of your brand community story, you stand in confidence to invite people in. This framework helps you discover those key pieces.


Why experiment?

You boost your chances to flourish over the long term if you create a small community experiment versus a “BIG PLAN” so you experience big wins along the way of community-building. This framework helps you create that experiment.


Why wonder?

It turns out that wonder has a profound social dimension that can alter how we relate and collaborate. When you foster facets of wonder both to build your community and to engage your community, you can help dissolve people’s biases toward one another and build belonging together. No other community-building framework or method on the planet includes wonder at the center.

We hold everything confidential in the Wonder Lab. Tracking Wonder convenes a unique community of business artists and mindful change-makers—people and companies that aspire to advance a meaningful endeavor (business, brand, project) and attain meaningful goals that contribute to the greater good.

“There is a magic that happens every time I work with Jeffrey, privately or in a group. After working with Jeffrey, I fulfilled my deep intention to have a greater impact on women’s lives. The Beacons of Change community now is growing and thriving. My ability to embolden women to change and transform is well reflected in my website, my writing and my marketing strategies – and I enjoy living and leading with my story. I am now confident in fulfilling my mission and helping raise the vibration in the world, one person at a time.”
Michal Spiegelman | founder of Beacons of Change Community, beaconsofchange.com

Mend the Belonging Gap, Gift Wonder, and Build a Community this year.

Together we can do so much more for the greater good than alone. Make this year matter like no year before.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Noon-6pm ET | 11am-5pm CT | 10am-4pm MT | 9am-3pm PT
5pm-11pm London | Sunday, June 27, 4am-10am Sydney

$699 Standard Workshop Rate
$199 Mindful Change-Maker Rate