You are a Wonder Artist


You know that it’s possible to design your days for the optimum amount of wonder. You know how to find beauty in the small things every day. You sense how important it is to advance your best work for a better world. You also sense how important it is to engage the physical world of small things around you with more curiosity and appreciation. You are open to changes in plans and are learning to be flexible and experimental with your challenges. Perhaps you’ve quested with us before and know how valuable the Do-It-Together mentality can be, and this coming year you want to flourish and grow in a community that provides support and affords accountability.

Quest2020 is a free December-long experience and international community that gives you access to the tools and fellowship you need to start putting your dreams in motion.

As part of an inspirational and motivational community, you will develop the skills and mindset you need to bring motivating wonder into your life. When embraced with radical openness, intention, and perseverance, Quest2020 can boost your well-being, strengthen your bonds, and heighten your sense of purpose – all elements that could make 2020 your best year ever.

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