Mind Rooms Guide for Creative Productivity

A Productivity Tool that Gets the Creative Mind

The Mind Rooms Guide • $19.

11 beautifully designed pages in an eBook format with elegant reframes and a 7-step method that understands how creative minds flourish.

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Most “time management” tools, methods, schedulers, and to-do list strategies that I’ve used simply don’t mirror how many creative minds thrive. They often include complicated charts, sterile lines, and no or little insight into the psychology of productive creativity and creative productivity.

As an author, columnist for Psychology Today, and consultant, I’ve found that most creative minds are driven by meaning, beauty, and function all in one package.

Ever heard of a “time management” scheduler emphasizing meaning, beauty, and function? Welcome to the Mind Rooms Guide.

What is the Mind Rooms eGuide?

The Mind Rooms eGuide came out of my own frustration a few years ago in not finding a system, method, or tool that helped me “keep up” with my myriad projects, brands, weekly tasks, and daily obligations (not to mention unexpected urgencies). So, with a bit of research and metaphorical thinking, I developed the Mind Rooms eGuide for Time-Sculpting.

The result? I instantly became less anxious, more productive, and actually – dare I say? – delighted to schedule my tasks & projects. Time is not something that can be managed, saved, or wasted. It is something like art that can be sculpted.

Listen, I know you’re smart and have way too many ideas for projects than you’ll ever manifest in this one wild and creative life. And I suspect you either resist any “imposed order” on your creative schedule or you think you’ve “tried it all.”

But, seriously, if you’re seeking a method to free your mind from task-oriented fret and become exponentially more productive and delighted while being productive – then test out The Mind Rooms eGuide.

The Mind Rooms eGuide is a beautifully designed eHandbook that offers

  • an elegant reframe for understanding your relationship to time, order, and chaos as a creative
  • an elegant reframe for organizing and color-coding your tasks into meaningful categories
  • a “hands-on” and flexible method (both analog and digital) to schedule your tasks each week
  • experience-proven and field-tested tips for bundling types of tasks each day all delivered in a truly beautiful and artistic package designed by graphic artist Monica Gurevich.

No more clunky, artless schedulers. No more mile-long to-do lists that never get shorter. No more scattered Post-It Notes crowding your computer.