Infuse your workplace with a culture
of innovation, connection and resilience

The world of work has shifted for everyone, and leaders and creative organizations face workplace uncertainty like never before.

Over 73%

of American workers report burnout (source: Korn Ferry) and some 40% of employees surveyed said they are likely to quit within three months (source: McKinsey & Co.)


costs the average employee 2.85 hours a day or 720 hours a year in optimal productivity (source: ThinkMoney)

Now more than ever in this pandemic era, leaders, teams, independent knowledge workers, and employed workers need more accessible tools to renew energy, calm worries, reskill talent, and stimulate new ways of thinking.

Infuse your workplace with a culture of innovation, connection, and lifelong learning

The global challenges of 2020 laid bare workplace challenges that existed well before 2020.

While more workers today expect job flexibility, they often lack the self-efficacy and autonomy required to monitor their attention, moods, and time effectively, leading to distraction and burnout.

Our signature training & programs—Wonder Interventions@Work—reskill your employees’ capacity for focus and flexible thinking throughout the workday.

Nurture a team of employees that’s more resilient to the demands of a hybrid workplace to become effortlessly proactive in problem solving

Mentor your staff to take optimal breaks and refocus so they can discern priorities

Foster confidence and time management so your team collaborates with attunement

Unlike most workplace training emphasizing technical proficiency,

Wonder Interventions@Work builds self-efficacy and collaboration

through four Areas of Change:

Attention management

Retrain your team to ditch burnout and learn to focus, flow, and flourish again

Flexible thinking

Spark daily curiosity and effortless problem-solving in a rapidly changing work environment


Foster the right kinds of breaks and habits that boost grit without gritting teeth

Collaboration & connection

Collaborate and sync with co-workers and team members in a hybrid workplace

Specializing in the science of wonder

For organizations looking to…

Inspire nimble thinking & agency at both the employee and leadership levels

Disrupt biased perceptions and increase mindfulness

Provide a professional environment that prioritizes mental wellbeing and personal growth

Build a team that is more creatively empowered and resilient to challenge

… the four Areas of Change can set you on the path to sustained and meaningful engagement with your team and your community.

Transform your workplace without sacrificing company mission

Kickoff Keynote

Inspire your team with an engaging talk that provokes and inspires a refreshing outlook on innovation, culture, and grounded possibility.

Wonder Lab

Engage your team with a full day of hands-on & evidence-based interventions in one or more of the four Areas of Change.

A Year of Wonder

With quarterly Wonder Labs in each Area of Change, plus follow-ups for recalibration, your team will have consistent practices, habits, and interventions.


Jeffrey Davis

is an author, team culture consultant, strategist, speaker, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s worked with and inspired thousands of change makers, leaders, organizations, and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder. He writes for Psychology Today and other outlets.

Jeffrey’s evidence-based body of work bears out the power of wonder to transform lives and spark influence, as well as the capacity for human beings to thrive creatively through times of rampant challenge and change.

Overcome burnout and develop your employees’ best practices and habits

With a strong culture of fulfilled team members who can navigate work days with more flexibility, your company CAN navigate this era and learn to thrive.

Creativity expert Jeffrey Davis is the author of TRACKING WONDER. His work in using wonder as a tool for flexible and innovative thinking helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders bypass overwhelm and bring their bold ideas to fruition.