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Awaken your creative potential & turn bold ideas into lasting influence.

In a culture obsessed with busyness and productivity, reclaim the power of radical wonder to defeat deflated spirits and retrain your brain for creative resiliency.

Learn to create, share, and stand confidently in your messaging to electrify your most innovative ideas—even in times of deep uncertainty and change.

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Reclaim your birthright to wonder. Tracking Wonder gives readers access to the radical, creative, and engaging human experience that is wonder.

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Retrain your brain to eliminate distraction, foster purpose, and stay mentally agile throughout your day.

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Creatives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and knowledge workers: are you advancing your most meaningful, impactful work to give your ideas greater visibility, differentiation, and influence?

From daily distractions to obstacles to flow, the modern world can leave even the most high-performing professionals feeling deflated and disrupted.

Maybe it’s time to foreground your thought leadership and the projects that will catalyze it.
Through thought leader strategy, flexible problem solving, and a suite of tools to help you stay in focus, flow, and wonder, customized consulting is the antidote to quitting on your dreams.

Apply to work directly with Jeffrey for custom consulting and coaching. Build the resilience and visibility required while you shape, frame, and broadcast your messaging and most impactful ideas.


Jeffrey Davis

is an author, team culture consultant, strategist, speaker, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s worked with and inspired thousands of change makers, leaders, organizations, and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder. Best-selling books. Captivating brands. Top podcasts. Next-level business opportunities & next-life-chapter pursuits. Team cultures of curiosity & innovation. He writes for Psychology Today and other outlets.

Jeffrey’s evidence-based body of work bears out the power of wonder to transform lives and spark influence, as well as the capacity for human beings to thrive creatively through times of rampant challenge and change.