Tools to help you interject
wonder into your work
and life.

As a creative professional, you need a few good tools. The right tools should help you track wonder and implement the art & science of captivating creativity with delightful but functional design and simple reframe of your mindset.

Our team is open to creating new tools for you – so please share with us your ideas for apps, captivating books, handbooks, products, webinars, and more. We won’t know what you need unless you tell us.


You want to advance your message and influence, but content marketing, blogging, and other productive writing overwhelm and confound you. How do you kickstart your strategy to increase your impact and audience through writing?

Write to Lead gives you 10 Kickstart Actions for you to position yourself in your field as a thought leader by shaping, shipping, and broadcasting your consistent message.

Stop the overwhelm, and kickstart your influence and impact.

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Our most popular item!

Shape Time to Act & Make

Finding the time to do the stuff you’re most passionate about is hard.

What if you could find a new kind of tool? One that that gets how your creative mind works? One that helps you bypass anxious overwhelm so you can get to the creative work and causes that matter most?

The Mind Rooms Guide is a beautifully designed 28-page handbook that offers an elegant reframe to help you understand your relationship to Time and “time management” anew, a background on the science of what motivates creative people in flow state, a 7-step easy-to-follow method for organizing your tasks with meaning, beauty, and function, Jeffrey’s 12 Riffs on Time, and 3 essays on the art & science of shaping time.

Just $19.00


You or your team likely have more project ideas than you have time to execute them. So how do you decide what you will spend your or your team’s finite time and energy pursuing?

Enter the 7-Minute Prioritizer: The Art of Discernment.

The 7-Minute Prioritizer not only gives you a tool to prioritize. It also gives you a framework that can change how your mind discerns. For the long term.

Just $9.99

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Coat Thief (Saint Julian Press) is Jeffrey’s poetry collection, 12 years in the making, that invites you to strip away fears, live with less inhibition, and explore how to lead a lyrical life amidst so much uncertainty and flux.

Slow down.
Disrupt your rut.
Disrobe your thoughts.
Lead a lyrical life.

You could be stripped of everything at any moment.

So why wait, you say? Why not go naked, now?

– from “Coat Thief,” Jeffrey Davis

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The Journey from the Center to the Page

With wisdom for writers at any level and in any genre, this book shows writers  how yoga’s principles and practical tools can deepen their concentration, help them work through fear, enrich their style, and more.​ ​A grounded guide to the body-mind-imagination connection.

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