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I catalyze mission-centered people and teams to leverage signature ideas in sustainable business models.

You can transform your ideas into a captivating platform, business model, and assets that deliver on a singular elegant promise.


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Maybe you’re excited to uplevel your leadership or business but need thoughtful direction.

Maybe your most meaningful ideas are stuck on the back burner.

Whether unbidden surprises have stifled your motivation or old solutions don’t work anymore or competing priorities throw you off-track…

Your bold idea merits radical wonder

Your endeavor deserves deep attention, visibility, and an infusion of wonder.

Wonder gives rise to curiosity, hope, and connection—facets that keep us moving forward with our most impactful work in the face of challenges.

Together, we’ll transform your limitations into actionable goals that advance your work, deepen your confidence, and shape the work and life you long for using these four core principles:


Wonder is the singular human experience that awakens creative insight and potential across industries.


Check in with your core values, your innate genius, and your deep why to make key decisions.


Connection, one of wonder’s relational facets, guides our interactions and agreements throughout the annual cycle.

Wise Strategy

It’s not always what bold idea you pursue that leads to fulfillment as much as it is discernment of which steps you take, when, and with whom.

Areas We Can Work Together On

Transform your best work into an endeavor and business that’s lucrative, fulfilling, and elevating.

For over 20 years, Jeffrey has applied 3 areas of research - human flourishing, mindfulness, innovation & creativity - to helping people

>> Develop sustainable business models
>> Sell 6-figure book proposals
>> Design & deliver professional trainings
>> Up-level leadership & earnings
>> Expand personal brand visibility, and ultimately flourish while doing so.

Thought Leadership Platform

Focus & Flow

Trade Non-fiction Book Development

Personal Branding Strategy

Thought Leadership Platform

Own your singular elegant idea, design signature frameworks & messaging, grow an engaged community, and earn a return.

Focus & Flow

Reclaim your drive without burning out. Gain methodical skills customized to you so you can advance the work that matters with less frazzle.

Personal Branding Strategy

With our 5-Part ArtMark™ Approach, shape a singular brand story & business model that captivates and elevates as only you can - without feeling yucky or stuck in one persona.

Trade Non-fiction Book Development

Learn to shape a book’s singular elegant idea, draft to discover, craft to design, and find your best path to publish in partnership. A veteran book strategist, Jeffrey keeps abreast of changes in publishing to help our clients make wise choices. He sees you and your book in a larger context of influence and impact.

What we can accomplish together

We’ll work toward lasting impact, influence, and income— plus integrity and a little artful flair.

When your signature work in the world changes people’s lives for the better, you wake up feeling alive and ready.

When your work brings a return you deserve, your impact on people’s lives and minds grows exponentially.

When your work has your signature style, then no one can duplicate it or compete.

We’ll create a custom plan that unfolds initially over 3 or 6 months to assure you reach immediate quarterly milestones while building a strategy and momentum that last, which could include:

Custom Plan

Our Work Process

Work process

Our Portfolio of Heroes

We consider customers our heroes. They’ve taken risks to show up for work that matters and a message they stand for. Here is a small sampling of our hero stories. Their stories say it all.

The International Women’s Writing Guild

The International Women’s Writing Guild came to Tracking Wonder with a desire to shape their signature story and share it in a way that inspired their current audience and captivate more women writers.

Uprooting Lyme

Hillary Thing came to Tracking Wonder with clear business and brand needs: her business model became more niche, and she needed not only to define her distinct integrative frameworks, methodology, offers, and point of view but also to shift the complicated conversation around Lyme’s Disease. She needed a brand story identity that could present Hillary as a potential thought leader in this field.

Henson Consulting Group

Cindy Henson’s website was 10 years old with no distinct brand story. She was unsure how to grow her team’s presence and her business’s offerings online to help her embrace the engagement economy and digital market. She came to us with a distinct business need: Build her brand platform and brand story positioning.

Where The Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, And The Inner Life Of Artists By Kay Larson

Sampling of Best-selling & Thought Leader Books Jeffrey Helped Shape

About Jeffrey Davis

Veteran strategist, author, and founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy Jeffrey Davis partners with high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to uplevel their work and their lives. As an online columnist on the psychology of flourishing & creativity for Psychology Today, he synthesizes elements of design thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and tracking wonder to thought leadership and business development.

And he’s an avid map-maker. He can see the long view of your endeavor and career when you cannot see two hours ahead. Clients have described him as limitlessly compassionate and uncompromisingly truthful.

Jeffrey 2022
TW Book

Featured in Fast Co. and MindBodyGreen, creativity expert Jeffrey Davis is the author of TRACKING WONDER - a Next Big Idea Club Nominee. His work in using wonder as a tool for flexible and innovative thinking helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders bypass overwhelm and bring their bold ideas to fruition.

Shape and transform your boldest idea into an endeavor that’s lucrative, fulfilling, and elevating.