Turn your bold idea into lasting influence


As a leader, business owner, professional, or creative, you could be poised to make big change happen. Your most impactful idea could start a movement, shape your next endeavor, and uplevel your professional arc.

But sometimes, putting your best work forward feels daunting.

Whether the malaise of a pandemic era has stifled your creativity…

Or you feel stuck because competing priorities throw you off-track…


Your bold idea merits radical wonder

Your endeavor deserves deep attention, visibility, and an infusion of wonder.

Wonder gives rise to curiosity, hope, and connection—facets that keep us moving forward with our most impactful work in the face of challenges.

Together, we’ll transform your limitations into actionable goals that advance your work, deepen your confidence, and shape the work and life you long for using these four core principles:


Wonder is the singular human experience that awakens creative insight and potential across industries.


Check in with your core values, your innate genius, and your deep why to make key decisions.


Connection, one of wonder’s relational facets, guides our interactions and agreements throughout the annual cycle.

Wise Strategy

It’s not always what bold idea you pursue that leads to fulfillment as much as it is discernment of which steps you take, when, and with whom.





Shape and transform your boldest idea into an endeavor that’s lucrative, fulfilling, and elevating.

Jam Sessions

Robust 75-minute virtual sit-downs to map a clear strategy and actionable plan that advances your meaningful goals, delivers impact, and earns a return.

1:1 Customized Consulting

A custom wonder-centered program with accountability and structured goal-tracking to shape, frame, and broadcast your best ideas and offers.


Jeffrey Davis will change your creative life.

“Best creative genius teacher I have ever worked with—no kidding. Working with him is astonishing, energizing, and wonder-infusing.”


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Creativity expert Jeffrey Davis is the author of TRACKING WONDER. His work in using wonder as a tool for flexible and innovative thinking helps creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders bypass overwhelm and bring their bold ideas to fruition.