4 Trends for Mission-Driven Brands in 2018

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In my last post, we discussed how the current environment is ripe for mission-driven brands to make major gains in income, influence, and impact this year. If you have or want to have a mission-driven brand, here are four trends for you to pay attention to.

1. Mission-driven brands can reverse cynicism.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that surveyed Americans lack confidence in trusting many American institutions. According to this 2016 Gallup poll, 18% of surveyed Americans have confidence in big business – the same percentage 10 years earlier. Confidence in newspapers dropped 11% points in 10 years, and confidence in organized religion dropped from 52% to 41% in 10 years. (more…)

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Why Mission-Driven Brands Will Win This Year

Not every entrepreneur or creative, professional or business is driven by making a positive difference in other people’s lives. But if you are, there’s good news.

Trends and research point to people wanting more from businesses. Some new research also suggests that mission-centered brands not only are improving their bottom line. They’re also gaining a more genuine community loyalty, shifting our attitude about what branding is, and improving employees’ sense of purpose and productivity.

What we are and are not talking about

When we talk about the psychology of branding, we walk a fine line between manipulation and elevation. The same tools that can help people have truly valuable experiences also can suck people into snake oil. So, I offer these insights in this context with appreciation for those nuances.

Your brand is not a flashy logo or website. Those are only facets of branding. (more…)

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Best in Brand & Innovation for January

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Every month we bring you the best articles we find in brand, innovation, and creativity.

This month’s list gives insight to a psychologist’s expertise on how to make your brand stand out even if it’s unfamiliar, what consumer’s are looking for in 2018 (hint: it involves being more authentic), how longer dedicated hours in your field of work can increase creativity and much more.

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“Good Stress” Increases Creativity in the Workplace (Creativity at Work Tip video)

stress work

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It doesn’t matter how mindful you try to be at work, you’re going to get stressed. It’s inevitable. Not all stress is equal. There are dis-stressors that can paralyze your creativity at work, and there are eu-stressors that can catalyze your creativity at work.

The following findings will interest you if you work on a team or even if you work alone.

The recent study conducted by two psychologists gathered data from over 280 employees. Those employees worked on research and development teams in a variety of fields and industries, from food making, to manufacturing, to software development.

Here’s what the psychologists examined: First, they broke down creativity at the work place into its two parts. Creativity is the generation of novel and useful ideas, but it also includes the ability to execute and run with the best of those ideas. Generating ideas and executing those ideas.

Which stressful factors in the work place actually contribute best to which stages of creativity? (more…)

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To Grow Your Brand and Foster Your Vision, Become More Self-Knowledgeable

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Are you struggling to refine your brand and grow your business?

First, answer this: How well do you know yourself? How often do you self-reflect?

To succeed in your branding and business efforts, you need to know your field and industry, yes. You, also, need to know about marketing, advertising, sales, and the best strategies for growing your brand, but is that all?

To be a better leader, to improve the dynamic of your team and ultimately grow your brand, you need to focus on something else entirely. (more…)

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As Vision Evolves, Core Values Stabilize Your Brand & Your Team

frame, lens

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I recently wrote about leading your team without compromising your brand. One of the tenets I presented was sharing with your team your compelling, genuine vision imbued with values you and they share. How can you identify and share this vision and these values?

We each see the world through our heritage of personality, experience, expertise, and values.

A software programmer develops her expertise. A doctor of integrated medicine develops his. A marketing specialist see the world and how to solve its problems through her lens, and an educator, through his.

Imagine they each are on the same interdisciplinary team of a big startup venture. It’s not an unfamiliar scenario.

How do they speak the same language in order to communicate, solve problems, and collaborate with momentum? What happens when their blossoming vision meets the reality of execution and market need?

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How to Lead Your Team Successfully – Without Compromising Your Brand

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As an entrepreneur, how to motivate teams especially as a small business has always been a topic worth exploring. With technological advances and societal changes plus the fact that 46% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020 & 50% of the workforce will be freelancers by 2020, understanding how to motivate your team members in these changing times is necessary to successfully lead your team while staying true to your brand and brand story.

Questions of Drive & Freedom

What drives us? If you’re solo, you have to learn how to motivate your best self day after day – and how not to bullsh*t yourself.

But if you have support staff, lead a team, or train others using your material or brand as I do, you definitely must live in this question. It’s this question of motivating others I’m curious about today, and I also will depart from my normal mode of writing and give you a “behind-the-scenes” peek into one of my businesses.

Part of the question about what drives us and others has to do with other questions about freedom:

How much freedom do you give the people on your staff or team, or among your trainees and franchisees? How much latitude do you give team members to make their own decisions or assume projects within your organization? How much leeway do you give franchisees to build upon your brand?


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