COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we work.

We’re each coping the best we can both to care for ourselves and our loved ones while also showing up for our best work in the world.

Jeffrey and the Tracking Wonder Team are actively helping individuals, teams, and brands adjust to these uncertain times. Our clients are pausing efforts to discern wisely, retraining their teams to focus well and still be well, pivoting visions and plans online, rebranding endeavors, marketing with integrity, and more.

We believe that these times call upon our innate creative adaptability and our collective wits to find new solutions for working well in the world. We know that furthering meaningful work actually contributes to our mental health and well-being.

Deepen Your Focus & Flow at Work

Join Jeffrey for this Insight Timer new audio course for individuals and organizations on the world’s larger meditation platform

actionable cognitive training, exercises, & meditations to advance your most impactful work


In a world of marketing buzz where cynicism can run rampant, we offer mission-driven professionals, creatives, and companies radically refreshing ways to expand their impact – with integrity and, yes, ample doses of wonder.

Advance your thought leadership and your creative life.

Jeffrey works with a range of individual professionals and creative entrepreneurs ready to translate their ideas into captivating books, brands, & more – while optimizing their work-life flow.


Differentiate your organization’s narrative while fostering a truly “open” team culture.

As a high-level strategist, narrative consultant, & team facilitator, Jeffrey equips organizations to work on mission and foster genuine surprise not only to customers but also to the culture.


Open up your audience to a whole new vision.

Jeffrey’s talks get people on their feet and change their perspective on what it means to stand up for their best ideas and best work.

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Our clients are committed to doing business
as an innovative process for the greater good
people we call business artists.

Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis is a pragmatic idealist. He believes that together we can make a world where building influence can be an elevating art that doesn’t have to be soul-crushing.

“Jeffrey Davis will change your creative life. Best creative genius teacher I have ever worked with – no kidding. Working with him is astonishing, energizing, and wonder-infusing.”
Jen Louden | NYT Best Seller

We’re more than a consultancy in branding and idea development.

Tracking Wonder is a movement and community
of thought leaders devoted to doing business-as-unusual.

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