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Vision 2023: Shape an Actionable Plan for the Work that Matters

A Virtual Wonder Lab Workshop For Change-Makers & Leaders
With Author And Founder Jeffrey Davis

Reclaim Your Birthright To Wonder

In this short film, discover how Jeffrey and Tracking Wonder are unfolding the new story of our humanity that biologists are telling and fulfilled innovators are living. You can reclaim your birthright to wonder.

Tracking Wonder

The Tracking Wonder Framework

You’re a change-maker—a leader, business owner, entrepreneur, or creative—with a unique point of view and big ideas ready to be brought to life. But shaping and leveraging those bold ideas? That requires breaking through the distractions, fears, and burnout so common in a complex world.

The 6 Facets of Wonder allow you to embrace the key human experiences needed to dispel doubts and cultivate resilience, foster collaboration, and embrace innovative thinking—at home, at work, and beyond.







Invite wonder to your work & become more productive

The Tracking Wonder Book

Tracking Wonder lays out how you can foster the six facets of wonder and crack open to possibility amidst challenge and change.


Work with Jeffrey

Accelerate your thought leadership platform, team leadership, online business, or bold nonfiction trade book.


Workshops & Keynotes

Heads of HR, Directors of Learning, and team leaders, apply the Tracking Wonder framework to your organization and watch your company flourish.


Meet the

Chief Wonder Maker


Jeffrey Davis

is an author, team culture consultant, innovation & thought leader strategist, speaker, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s worked with and inspired thousands of change makers and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder. He writes for Psychology Today and other outlets.

Jeffrey’s evidence-based body of work bears out the power of wonder to transform lives and spark influence, as well as the capacity for individuals and teams to thrive creatively through times of rampant challenge and change.

There is a magic that happens…

“Working with Jeffrey and the Tracking Wonder team gave me the ability to convert my message into a strong, consistent brand and to live my story. There is a magic that happens every time I work with Jeffrey, privately or in a group. Jeffery is not only knowledgeable and skilled as a mentor, but his creativity, intuition, and wonder-ability do wonders! Thanks to working with Jeffrey, I am confidently fulfilling my mission and helping raise the vibration in the world, one person at a time.”


Founder of Beacons of Change


Pause the toxic productivity treadmill

Inspired by 15 years of studying the science of creativity, high performance, and mindfulness, the new book Tracking Wonder takes you on a journey through the surprising antidote to burnout, distraction, and the collective malaise of a pandemic era. 

Breathe possibility, curiosity, and meaningful connections into each new day and learn to flourish. Even in a world obsessed with productivity.


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