Deepen Your Focus & Flow Cohort Course

The next cohort starts in 2025!

Evidence-based and time-tested practices designed to help you focus, flow, and flourish.
Join over 15,000 people from around the world and all industries.
Led by renowned author, teacher, and strategist Jeffrey Davis

We live in a world of distraction.

Your most impactful work requires deep, sustained focus. When you taste what even 30 minutes of flow can do for your creativity, you likely light up on all cylinders. Yet, our modern world of work is broken.

Americans on average check their phones from 80-300 times a day.* 

Canadian researchers estimate that our collective attention span has shrunk by 30% in the past 20 years.*

Our distracted world costs businesses profits and humans their well-being.

But you don’t have to be a stat.

What if you could retrain your brain to focus on your most impactful work day in and day out—even amidst rampant uncertainty? What if you could inspire your focus with more curiosity and wonder?

Enter the Deepen Your Focus & Flow at Work 3-week cohort course.

Led by Jeffrey Davis, contributor at and author of TRACKING WONDER: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning & Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity (Sounds True), this course is designed to retrain your brain to focus & flow in your own workplace, studio, or home.


What you’ll receive:

12-week access to a 3-week course with 10 modules and lessons scaffolded for learning and growth – all led by Jeffrey so we learn together and learn from each other

Weekly Live Labs and Co-Flow Sessions with Jeffrey (3 live hours a week with Jeffrey and your peers!)

Private Community Access and Engagement with other change-makers

Elegant worksheets that help you assimilate the skills.

Bonus Resources.

Each learning module weaves together the neuroscience of focus, the psychology of creativity and meaningful work, concrete examples, and wisdom.

Whether you work remotely or at an office, for your best self or for a boss, this 3-week cohort course offers you evidence-based and time-tested practices designed to help you focus, flow, and flourish – all in a brave container of support held by a veteran facilitator and teacher.

Stay Supported with

Weekly Live Focus & Flow Labs

with Jeffrey on Zoom.

Get inspired and receive support as each week you can opt-in for a live Focus & Flow Lab with Jeffrey and your cohort.

Live Labs!

Monday, May 20, 2024, 4:30-5:30pm ET – Live Kickoff with Jeffrey
Thursday, May 23, 2024, 4:30-6pm ET – Live Focus & Flow Lab and Q&A
Monday, May 27, 2024, 4:306pm ET – Live Co-Work & Co-Flow Session
Thursday, May 30, 2024, 4:306pm ET – Live Focus & Flow Lab and Q&A Monday, June 3, 2024, 4:306pm ET – Live Co-Work & Co-Flow Session Thursday, June 6, 2024, 4:30-6pm ET – Live Focus & Flow Lab and Q&A

In these weekly live Labs, you and the F&F Cohort will:

  • Review the week’s trainings, insights, and practices.
  • Gain additional tips from Jeffrey’s practices.
  • Connect with others.
  • Engage in conversation and question & response.
  • Practice the Focus & Flow Method in unique co-work sessions.
  • Recordings are made available.

Do It Together with our Community Portal

Our simple-to-navigate community portal makes sharing insights and forming connections with other students simple, fun, and safe.

We uphold a set of core values that guide our community engagement.

What type of meditation is taught? 

Each module includes our Wonder Method™ of meditation that combines insights from psychology, neuroscience, wisdom traditions, and tested trials into an inquisitive, non-religious approach to training the mind for insight and awareness.

Lesson One

Choose Impactful Work Every Day

In this introductory lesson, Jeffrey lays the groundwork for the course. We consider the human need and desire to focus for extended periods of time on meaningful work. Jeffrey also distinguishes why pursuing meaningful work more than only personal happiness leads to flourishing. This lesson helps us apply findings from the science of resilience, so we can discern which work or endeavor we are called to focus upon.
Lesson Two

The Beauty & Fragility of Your Focus

In today’s lesson we acknowledge the factors both in culture and in our brains that make extended focus a challenge. Jeffrey draws from a classic analogy of the mind called The Rider & The Elephant to help you understand your mind’s distractibility and capacity to focus. You’ll test out a concrete exercise to help you start your focus and flow practice.
Lesson Three

Foster Daily Devotion & Deep Purpose

It’s one thing to fall in love with a fantasy you have for life and work. It’s another thing to stand in love and wonder with your most impactful work in the world. In this lesson, Jeffrey shares examples from the people he’s worked with and researched to help us foster a daily sense of devotion to our lives and work. A simple yet profound daily practice will help you remember why you do what you do – and motivate you to focus on it.
Lesson Four

Foster a Mindset of Curiosity & Creativity

Every big idea begets a series of challenges. It’s all in how we face those challenges that distinguishes whether we flourish or flounder. Jeffrey invites us to reframe each day as a quest for meaning amid challenges with what he calls a “questing mindset.” You’ll test out a concrete daily exercise to help you deepen your focus and flow practice.
Lesson Five

Protect & Prime Your Mind for Focus

In this lesson, Jeffrey offers perspective on why we each must be proactive in protecting our fragile focus. With concrete steps and tips, Jeffrey then leads you through how to schedule weekly focus sessions and how to break down complex work and endeavors into achievable tasks that help your mind focus.
Lesson Six

Midway Point: The Focus & Flow Method

This midway lesson helps you pull together the principles and practices so far into a Focus & Flow Method – a simple method that has helped thousands of workers, entrepreneurs, creatives, teachers, and leaders flourish.
Lesson Seven

Reverse Patterns of Disturbance & Distractibility

In this lesson, you will go on a brief journey of your mind so you can redirect your attention with more awareness. Jeffrey uses core metaphors for states of mind we each experience – sustained focus, reactivity, and distraction. These cognitive exercises will help you redirect your attention to sustained focus where your intention aligns with your attention.
Lesson Eight

Bring Wonder & Your Young Genius to Work

If you ever approach your work with a dulled spirit or if ever feel burnt out, this lesson in our fundamental human nature is for you. In this lesson, Jeffrey introduces the biological and adaptive importance of our human experience of wonder. Wonder is a heightened yet fleeting state of consciousness that dissolves our default perception so we can see ourselves, one another, and reality at large anew. This lesson leads us to contemplate what Jeffrey calls your “young genius” and how to bring yours to work with you.
Lesson Nine

Practice Wonder Interventions & the Art of Unfocusing

Sometimes to focus better we need to daydream deliberately and unfocus well. Drawing from stories and current studies in the psychology of focus and creativity, Jeffrey introduces you to two powerful “wonder interventions” – specific practices that induce openness, delight, and insight.
Lesson Ten

Pulling It All Together

In this introductory lesson, Jeffrey lays the groundwork for the course. We consider the human need and desire to focus for extended periods of time on meaningful work. Jeffrey also distinguishes why pursuing meaningful work more than only personal happiness leads to flourishing. This lesson helps us apply findings from the science of resilience, so we can discern which work or endeavor we are called to focus upon.

Capture Insights

Our elegantly designed worksheets invite you to reflect and capture insights along the way.

Focus, flow, and meaningful work go hand-in-hand if…

You’re a leader whose focus is challenged by competing priorities.

You are an employee who has lost your drive to do what you do.

Your Work From Home situation means YOU’RE in charge of managing your attention.

Your most important endeavor, project, or work keeps getting postponed.


Jeffrey Davis

is an author, team culture consultant, strategist, speaker, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s worked with and inspired thousands of change makers, leaders, organizations, and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder. He writes for outlets such as Psychology Today and is the author of the book Tracking Wonder.

Jeffrey’s evidence-based body of work bears out the power of wonder to transform lives and spark influence, as well as the capacity for human beings to thrive creatively through times of rampant challenge and change.

Retrain Your Brain
to Focus & Flow


10 rich, easy-to-follow lessons and modules

10 elegantly designed worksheets to help you assimilate the practices

8.5 live hours with Jeffrey!

All delivered in a supportive container among peers who have your back, rooting you on.

Note: Private clients pay Jeffrey upward of $700/hour for his expertise and perspective, and companies have paid several thousand dollars for team trainings and keynotes. We’ve priced the Deepen Your Focus & Flow at Work Cohort for fairness and accessibility. If you are an employee, please inquire at andrew [at] trackingwonder [dot] com for how you can ask your employer to pay for your training.


Are all events recorded? Yes! We record all live events and post them for your review in our course & community portal.

How is the course delivered? We use Circle as our course and community platform. This easy-to-navigate platform assures you can access the course free from distraction and also interact with and meet change-maker peers from around the globe – possibly in your own neighborhood.

Will I have access to the course material forever? The course runs for 3 weeks with Jeffrey’s guidance. After that, you will have access to the course for another 9 weeks – 3 months total!

Is there a refund? The course is at the most modest rate we can offer, and we are certain you will find the course literally game-changing. We cannot offer refunds.

For enterprises who support employees’ attention management

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