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A learning community for change-makers to advance their most impactful work in the world—together.

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Advance your most impactful work without burning out.

Do you ever wonder what it takes to ignite your most impactful work and grandest ideas while also feeling lit up with purpose and possibility? 

Something other than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, grit, and wishful thinking?

If so, you’re not alone. The past two years have heightened a collective malaise that likely was with us before the pandemic. Experiences like distracted thinking, deflated spirits, and overall burnout from daily to-dos, work, and parenting don’t leave much room for any creative inspiration. 

And maybe along the way, you’ve realized some hard truths: That working harder, meeting material success, and “apping” your way to hyper-productivity won’t get you to the life and work you hunger for.

Even mindful meditation has its limits.

Are there other ways to rise to our best selves and work in the world without sacrificing our integrity and spirit? 

How do people across industries flourish over the long term amidst rampant challenge and change?

For over 15 years living those questions, Jeffrey Davis has researched, interviewed, and worked with luminaries across cultures and professions.

Here’s his surprising discovery: The singular universal experience across all walks of life and work that opens us to creative awakening and possibility is wonder.

Wonder is a state of heightened awareness that surprises us with delight, disorientation, or both. Wonder gives rise to radical openness, curiosity, hope, and deep connection—all facets that keep us moving forward with our most impactful work and grandest dreams. When the right conditions are in place, we change-makers, workers, and leaders thrive together in the right community.

A learning hub to flourish
like no other.

The emergent design of the Wonder@Work Community stems from our founder Jeffrey Davis’ extensive research and time-tested experience in community building. The Tracking Wonder team has created numerous events in which like-minded people feel instantly accepted, connected, and creatively courageous.

We know that people flourish in community when they feel:

Safe and accepted 

Empowered to take creative risks 

Challenged with care to think and act differently

Genuinely supported and supportive 

Lit up with meaningful discovery and learning 

Ready for a creative awakening?

The Wonder@Work Community is here to help you do the wondrous work needed to bring your bold ideas to life.

Enter: the Wonder@Work Community.

The Wonder@Work Community equips change-makers to advance their most impactful work and big ideas—together.

The Wonder@Work Community is a place designed to help you discover how to stay buoyant, focused, and in flow—without bypassing or getting stuck in internal obstacles.

Embrace community and engage your bold ideas.

Join the Wonder@Work Community to build resilience and find deep connection through intentional learning.

How We Flow in Community 

We all hit bumps. We all have internal obstacles. The Wonder@Work Community knows that every big idea begets a series of challenges.

But here’s the thing about the Wonder@Work Community:
We don’t bypass hard times with toxic positivity, but we also don’t wallow. We flow.

On our private, members-only Wonder@Work platform, we receive the evidence-based training, tools, and support needed to dissolve rigid ways of thinking so we can move forward with pragmatic possibilities.


Define your work, endeavor, or dream as every Wonder@Work member defines the work they’re devoted to.

Shape your days & prioritize your ideas with the Tracking Wonder Backpack of Wonder@Work Tools.

Retrain your brain to focus & flow at work with Jeffrey’s 10-lesson signature Deepen Your Focus & Flow at Work audio course (taken by over 8,000 people in all industries!).


Get inspired with Wonder@Work Learning Experiments as Jeffrey delivers LIVE a monthly lesson in the art and science of optimal working and creative living.

Keep learning with the Wonder@Work Library in the pragmatic psychology of work flow, thought leadership, branding, book writing, decision-making, and more.

Stay grounded & connected each month with monthly live Wonder Monday Morning Practice Sessions with Jeffrey & the community.


Expand your mind each quarter through our two annual live half-day Wonder Labs and our quarterly half-day Focus & Flow Co-Work Sessions.

Cross-pollinate with each other through our exclusive Community Forum where collaboration, innovation, and ideas flourish and networks are built.

Open your mind with special guests as Jeffrey invites prominent thinkers, leaders, and creatives to the Wonder@Work Community four times a year for deeper conversation, strategy, and insight.

The Wonder@Work Community is right for you if you want to…

Break through daily distractions at home and at work by retraining your brain for flexible thinking.

Expand your mind with lessons from prominent thought leaders and creatives passionate about making meaningful change.

Discover how deep connection and an open mind can help you define your bold ideas and electrify your goals.

Align with a community that embraces wonder as not just an idea, but as a key experience to advancing your most impactful work.

Ready for a creative awakening?

The Wonder@Work Community is here to help you do the wondrous work needed to bring your bold ideas to life.

Who is Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Davis is an author, team culture consultant, educator, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s inspired thousands of change-makers, leaders, and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder. He writes for Psychology Today and other outlets on the intersections among creativity, work, and human flourishing.

He believes in the power of wonder to transform lives, spark influence, and help human beings thrive creatively in times of rampant challenge and change.

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