The Wonder At Work Academy

The Forerunner Experience: MONDAY, APRIL 3-SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

The Wonder@Work Academy equips change-makers to advance their best work for a better world – together. You’ll build skills in our labs, apply research-based methods from the science of wonder, human flourishing, and entrepreneurship, as well as hone your workflow acumen – all with a community that sees, hears, and buoys you.

Do you ever wonder what it takes to ignite your most impactful work and boldest ideas while also feeling lit up with purpose and possibility?

Something other than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, grit, and wishful thinking?

If so, you’re not alone. The past few years have heightened a collective exhaustion that likely was with us before the pandemic. Experiences like distraction, massive uncertainty, and overall burnout from daily to-dos, work, and parenting don’t leave much room for high-level flow & inspiration. 

And maybe you’ve realized that just working harder won’t get you to the life and work you hunger for.

Vision 2024: Shape an Actionable Plan for the Work & Life that Matters. Together.

A Virtual Workshop For Change-Makers With Author, Speaker, and Strategist JEFFREY DAVIS

Saturday, December 09, 2023, Noon-4:30pm ET

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If you’re here, you’re likely a leader, professional entrepreneur, thoughtful business owner, professional, coach, teacher, or creative idea person who wants to shape a life of more meaningful work, artfulness, and connection.

The emergent design of the Wonder@Work Academy community stems from our founder Jeffrey Davis’s extensive applied research in entrepreneurship, mindfulness, human flourishing, and innovation plus time-tested experience in community-building. Since 2010, the Tracking Wonder team has created numerous experiences in which diverse-minded people feel accepted, connected, and creatively courageous.

We know that people flourish in a learning community when they feel:

Safe and accepted 

Empowered to take creative risks 

Challenged with care to think and act differently

Genuinely supported and supportive 

Lit up with meaningful discovery and learning 

Ready for a collective creative awakening?

The Wonder@Work Academy is here to help you do the wondrous work needed to bring your bold ideas to life and shift the culture.

Jeffrey Davis is a wonder himself at creating, encouraging and sustaining community.

“He intentionally attracts creative, deep thinking wonder-seekers interested in lasting impact and in being good ancestors. Jeffrey curates gatherings like an alchemist—mixing and matching—so that the best talents of each is welcomed and contributes to the overall whole. When the pandemic threatened to take community away, I found a deep circle of support. We walked with one another through personal and professional highs and lows, and I’ve made and solidified relationships that will last a lifetime.”
– Barb Buckner Suarez
Founder of Birth Happens, rock star birth educator

How We Flow Together 

We all hit bumps. We all have internal obstacles. We know that every big idea begets a series of challenges.

But here’s the thing about the Wonder@Work Academy:
We don’t bypass hard times with toxic positivity, but we also don’t wallow. We flow.

On our private, members-only Wonder@Work platform, we provide the research-backed training, tools, and support needed to dissolve rigid thinking so you can advance your most impactful work, leadership, and ideas with pragmatic possibilities.

Get in Flow


Retrain your brain to flow with Jeffrey’s signature course Deepen Your Focus & Flow. Lesson One trains you to discern your most impactful work among competing priorities. You’ll be ready!


Get grounded with a weekly Wonder Method™ meditation and day-shaping practice. The Wonder Method™ is an inquisitive, non-religious approach to training the mind.


Gain skills in advancing your work with more wonder through Jeffrey’s monthly skill-building experiments based in the science of wonder, flourishing, and entrepreneurship.

Expand your Outlook


Stay in flow with our monthly LIVE Focus & Flow Co-Work Sessions with Jeffrey and your pack.


Gain supportive insight at our monthly LIVE Wonder@Work Labs with Jeffrey.


Cross-pollinate with your pack through our exclusive Forum where ideas abound and networks grow.

Stay Supported with

Live Labs & Events

with Jeffrey &

Your Pack on Zoom.

Get inspired and receive support as you can opt-in for live Labs with Jeffrey and your Wild Pack of peers.

Live Labs & Events!

Monday, April 3, 2023, 1-1:30pm ET – The W@W Academy opens with a Live Kickoff with Jeffrey & Pack

Each 2nd Thursday of the month – Focus & Flow Co-Work Sessions with Jeffrey & Pack

Each 4th Thursday of the month – Wonder@Work Labs & Coaching Sessions with Jeffrey & Pack

In these live Labs, you and the W@W Pack will:

Assimilate the month’s trainings, insights, and practices.

Co-work with your wild pack of peers using Tracking Wonder’s Focus & Flow Method™

Foster Connection as a facet of wonder in our Connection Rooms.

Engage in conversation, question & response, and Circles.

Have access to all live Lab Recordings.

The Wonder At Work Academy

is right for you if you want to…

Assume artful agency of your life and workflow. You’ll build the skills to reverse limiting cognitive patterns, shape your days, and act in ways that make possibilities happen every week.

Breakthrough daily distractions at home and at work by retraining your brain for flexible thinking and intentional living.

Expand your perspective with lessons from prominent leaders and creatives devoted to making meaningful change for the greater good.

Create collective accountability with a community of peers that embraces wonder as a key experience to advancing your most impactful work, building genuine connections, and reclaiming a life of meaning and possibility.

Re-learn a way of living & working – with habits and practices – that help you experience every day as valuable, purposeful, creative, and well-rounded.

Transform ideas into impact and income.

Level up how you lead your life, team, business, or community.

Our Wonder@Work Shared Ethos

Hold safe + brave space: We hold space for one another to take creative risks and to stretch ourselves. We welcome thoughtful conversation and different points of view, centered in self-awareness and respect. We’re here to stretch ourselves without burning out or burning bridges. 

Question the Status Quo. Curiosity is our collective superpower. Curiosity helps us keep questioning the way things have always been done so we can actively imagine how to do things better. We are here to make possibilities happen.

Celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Different points of view and backgrounds enrich each of our perspectives. Wonder momentarily suspends our biases so we can see again what is real and true, beautiful and possible.

Do It Together Beats Do It Yourself. We seek collaboration and connection over competition. Life is too short otherwise. We actively foster collaborations in this community. We can sync up and run like a wolf pack at a healthy pace with one another.

We Are Not Our Work. In a world obsessed with productivity, we recognize that whereas devotion to impactful work is key to human flourishing, it is also time for our culture to evolve beyond an attitude of productivity-at-all-costs. We embrace the value of friends, family, camaraderie, local community, and Life Outside of Work as part of our journey toward fulfillment.

Embrace the Do-It-Together Ethos and engage your bold ideas together.

Join the Wonder@Work Academy to advance your best ideas for a better world with more wonder and less worry.

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There are other people like me, for whom wonder is essential—something I never realized.

“As an independent learning consultant, I look for ways to incorporate wonder in my work with clients, to inspire them in seeing their possibilities. Yet, I’ve never really known how to be purposeful about wonder in my work and daily life until I met Jeffrey Davis. The resources Jeffrey has shared in the community has given me ideas I can apply in my work and life. I’ve learned that wonder doesn’t have to be random—it can be cultivated no matter what I am doing.”
– Kathie Edwards
Learning consultant

Who is Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Davis is an author, team culture consultant, strategist, speaker, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s worked with and inspired thousands of change-makers, leaders, organizations, and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder. He writes for outlets such as Psychology Today and is the author of the book Tracking Wonder.

Jeffrey’s evidence-based body of work bears out the power of wonder to transform lives and spark influence, as well as the capacity for human beings to thrive creatively through times of rampant challenge and change.