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Brand & Innovation Digest – February 2017

During the past month, Tracking Wonder’s research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros has curated some of what we deem the most relevant studies, stories, and news that will help you and your team excel at having the most impact and influence via brand …
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Basecamp Templates: A Delightful Time-Saver

Guest Post by Erin Haworth, Tracking Wonder’s Systems Shark The Remote Team’s Time Challenges I’m fortunate to be Tracking Wonder’s operations manager and overseer of a dynamo team of remote contractors. It’s common for three or four team members to be working …
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12 Riffs to Help Boost Creativity & Shape Time

Creative professionals and practitioners are either Time Crunchers (pressed for our own time) or Time Stretchers (self-employed creatives who own their time). Both categories benefit from mastering the art of shaping time. Creativity is not about waiting for the muse …
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How to Stop Fighting Time

We business artists are blessed and cursed with a generative mind – the ability to come up with lots of ideas. You may be feeling the effect of shifting cultural causes calling you to act. How do you find the time in …
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Brand/Innovation Digest – January 2017

Research assistance from TW Team research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros. Periodically Tracking Wonder’s research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros and I will curate some of what we deem the most relevant studies, stories, and news that will help you and your team excel at having …
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The Secret to Sales

Selling well doesn’t come naturally to most people with good ideas. To most, it feels gimmicky and inauthentic and manipulative. But it doesn’t have to follow the usual big-loud-buzz formula. In fact, the secret to selling is all about your customer. …
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Can’t Find a Female Mentor? Create a Circle.

Guest Post by Britt Bravo, Premium Consultant at Tracking Wonder Note: Britt Bravo helps our clients shape their ideas into story-based brands and broadcast their message to the right audiences. Her local paper named her the “best podcaster and blogger most dedicated to …
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How Your Story Drives Your Impact

When some of us think of leaders, we imagine the Richard Bransons, Gloria Steinems, Dan Prices, and Patriss Cullors of the world guiding big companies and grand movements. If your frame of a leader is an ambitious extrovert driven by power …
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Why we fear standing out – and why we need to stop

I work and speak with accomplished professionals who fear standing out with their own ideas and who fear their own influence. In these times especially, we need intelligent, dedicated, creative people – business artists of all stripes – to name …
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My Girls, My Tears, & Our Brand Stances

I cry more often than you might think. It usually comes from feeling someone in pain more than admitting my own. Conversations and relationships plus music, art, film, books, and, yes, commercial videos turn on the tears for me. My crying …
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