Flow, Flourishing & Wonder

Curious about how experiences of wonder can keep you in flow amidst challenges? Start with this collection.

The Bright Side of Negative Visioning

It’s the 2008 summer Olympics, and gold-medal winner Michael Phelps is poised to break his own record for the 200-meter butterfly swimming race – a competition that no one could touch him in.But then this happens: After Phelps’s first turn, his…

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Canoe Talk 3- Little Resistance & Big Resistance

https://vimeo.com/739061108 Canoe Talks is a video series of unconventional wisdom in an unconventional setting designed for mindful change-makers – entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, business owners, and professionals. Strategist, teacher, and author of TRACKING WONDER Jeffrey Davis responds personally to questions raised by a…

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Beginner’s Mind in the New World of Work

“Yikes. I have no idea what I’m doing.” That’s often the first thought when we embark on something new — whether it’s a location, place of employment, or skill. The anxiety of unknown challenges and experiences often impedes our career…

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Our Current Culture is Choking Out Creativity

With how much innovation and development occur in 21st-century society, it’s easy to assume that creativity follows a similarly meteoric rise. Virtual reality video games. Fusion Cuisine, combining the practices of disparate cultures. Barrier-breaking performance art. All of these experiences…

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The Art of Pausing

When the church bells toll 1 pm throughout Italy, you’ll find workers and school children scuttling home while small businesses and banks alike close up shop. Within an hour, the cobblestone streets are empty. It makes no difference whether you’re…

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