Flow, Flourishing & Wonder

Curious about how experiences of wonder can keep you in flow amidst challenges? Start with this collection.

The Heroine’s Journey & The Business Artist

Note: Saundra Goldman is a smart, quietly powerful mentor and leader. She has been leading a conversation for a few years at Creative Mix where she helps women connect the dots of their creative lives and step up with work that speaks…

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Imagine Your Future To Be Wholly Present

Courtesy of Creative Commons (Jef Safi) Creativity is a revived currency in business. The New York Times Magazine ran a full feature on the burgeoning field of us creativity consultants and idea leaders. Advances in technology…

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To Envision Your Best Year, Get Clear with Yourself

Alison had published three books, delivered a talk at a renowned conference, and advanced her distinct brand enough to garner gigs around the world. So, what was the problem? “I’ve kind of run this thing to its end.  I’m ready for…

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Intensity Not Relaxation Inspires Creative Courage

“It was clear…that what kept [top performers in flow] motivated was the quality of experience they felt when they were involved with the activity. This feeling didn’t come when they were relaxing, when they were taking drugs or alcohol, or…

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Ziggy Stardust & Business Owners: Different Rules?

Courtesy of Creative Commons In 1972, the post-Beatles music scene felt dour, pompous, overly earnest. Then, came Ziggy. Ziggy was a fictional character borne of David Bowie’s imagination, biography, and possibly his encounters with another musician…

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