Flow, Flourishing & Wonder

Curious about how experiences of wonder can keep you in flow amidst challenges? Start with this collection.

Books That Matter to Paul Cohen

In this Books That Matter feature, Paul shares the book that changed something profound within him, his forecast for the publishing industry, and the book he wants to write.
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Buzzing stories versus your Brave Story

And I wrote every day. Because I had to. Because it burned in me. Because we just don’t have much time. Because the Waiting Room is not a place to live. Because the Waiting Room is a place where something…
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Is Obsessive Genius Your Model for Mastery?

The models of mastery that show all-or-nothing obsession are, I think, incomplete, inaccurate, and not useful for most of us business artists. What we hunger after, what we find so captivating, I think, in these stories and images of obsessive…
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From Masochism to Mastery

Courtesy of Amarpreet Kaur (Creative Commons) When you frame your pursuits within the context of creative mastery, then meaning more than self-masochism ensues. Let me unpack this. Let’s say you want to write your first or fifth book….

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Each week I offer tools and perspective to help you stay open to what’s possible, question how we could work better, and reclaim a life of meaning and possibility.