Flow, Flourishing & Wonder

Curious about how experiences of wonder can keep you in flow amidst challenges? Start with this collection.

Ziggy Stardust & Business Owners: Different Rules?

Courtesy of Creative Commons In 1972, the post-Beatles music scene felt dour, pompous, overly earnest. Then, came Ziggy. Ziggy was a fictional character borne of David Bowie’s imagination, biography, and possibly his encounters with another musician…

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Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Courtesy of Creative Commons What led 350 innovators, creatives, and change-makers from around the globe to show up at a summer camp ground just north of New York City for 4 days? It’s a fair question….

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The Heart of Story Starts With Want

1. From A Taste of Fish to a Taste of Freedom Thelma wanted to go fishing for a weekend with her buddy Louise. Just the two of them cutting back, drinking beer, and soaking in the great outdoors. Problem? Her…

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5 Stages of Confidence in Writing a Book

Catch only what you’ve thrown yourself,  all is mere skill and little gain… –Rainier Maria Rilke A funny thing happens with a writer’s confidence level when writing a book. Confidence shoots up and down seemingly as erratically as weather. Part…

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Writer’s Block as Your Teacher

Note: I am honored that multi-author and longtime teacher Laraine Herring is part of the Tracking Wonder Consultancy Team as a Premium Consultant. She is a master at helping writers and professionals unravel the knots that block them. In this guest piece, she…

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